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Chapter 19


With the London season was in full swing, everyone was busy as they settled into a routine.  Trying to take heed of his aunt’s warnings, it was a struggle for Darcy not to go to Crandall House every morning.  While Darcy had seen Elizabeth nearly every night, it was always in a room full of people that also included his intended.  The private conversations that they had enjoyed during a walk in the park or the easy manner in which they were able to converse in the presence of Lady Matlock were sorely missed. Finally, when he could take it no longer, he enlisted his sister to accompany him to visit their aunt and Miss Bennet.  Though he enjoyed being inElizabeth’s company, he longed to have some private time with her.  But he knew that was not possible.

Therefore, one night he asked Mrs. Wagstaff if he could call on her the next day to discuss their marriage.  This would be his one chance of coming to a mutual agreement with Mrs. Wagstaff to have their engagement dissolved. Of course, Mrs. Wagstaff was eager to have the wedding date resolved upon and suggested that he come early in the morning for breakfast.  Darcy agreed, hoping the earlier he got this over with, the sooner he could get on with his other plans for day.

At nine o’clock the next morning, Mr. Darcy arrived at Mrs. Wagstaff’s house.  The staff had been expecting him as they led him directly to an upstairs sitting room.

Looking around the room, he saw that breakfast was set out.  Wondering where Virginia was, he walked to the window to wait for her.  His wait was not long when he heard an adjoining door open.  Turning around he was struck with the sight of Virginia Wagstaff wearing an almost translucent dressing gown.  While it fully covered her body, it was evident that she was wearing nothing underneath as the gown hugged her curves and left nothing to the imagination about her figure.

“Mrs. Wagstaff, am I early?” was Darcy’s astonished question.

“No, Fitzwilliam, you are punctual as always,” she smiled sweetly at him.

“But you have not yet dressed,” he said, suddenly becoming uncomfortable with the situation.

“Oh! I rarely dress before noon when I am home,” she said as she walked to him.

Standing stock still, he contemplated what to do.  The satiny material of her dressing gown did little to hide her aroused nipples and the slit in the gown revealed her bare legs as she walked.  He struggled to control the twinge in his groin that was ready to burst forth.  Virginia had fondled him too often since their engagement to give her any encouragement in that direction especially as she was eyeing his groin area seeking a sign of his weakness.  I will not succumb.

“The breakfast looks very inviting.  Shall we eat?  I am famished.” He felt his speech was incoherent, but he needed to divert both his and her attention from what he feared was on her mind.

As he stood before her, she reached her hand and gently cupped his balls before running a finger up his length.  Realizing that his penis was flaccid, she looked puzzled at his lack of arousal.  She had been confident that once he saw her in her dressing gown, he would sweep her into the bed chamber and forget all about breakfast until it was cold.

Taking her elbow, Darcy escorted her to the table and held out a chair for her.  After adjusting her chair, he walked to the opposite side of the table.

As Virginia poured out the tea, he began to fill his plate from the fare on the table.  When he reached out to take his cup of tea, he could not help but view her cleavage that was bared as her gown gaped open when she leaned over to hand him his tea.  He knew she was trying to seduce him, and he was not going to have it. He placed all his attention on his plate and ate heartily.

After he finished his plate, a quick glance in her direction was enough to discern that she had made no effort to cover herself.  Leaning back, he purposefully began looking around the room.

“This is a lovely breakfast room, Mrs…Virginia,” he said still looking at anything but her.  “It catches the morning light in abundance.”

“Yes,” she said as she watched him carefully.  Slightly amused at his obvious discomfort, she was also frustrated by his obtuseness. 

Trying to get his attention back on her, she asked, “You wished to discuss our wedding date?”

Looking her in the eye, he replied, “Yes, I did.  While I had planned on an early summer wedding, after the Season ends, I have been in contact with my steward and it seems that problems have arisen with spring planting that may require my presence at Pemberley at that time if not sooner.  With such problems to attend to, I do not see myself being free to prepare for our nuptials until October – mid-to-late October – at the earliest.  And if Georgiana finds a suitor who wishes to marry her, it could be even later.  I could not forego her happiness for mine.”

“October! Even later!” she exclaimed, wide-eyed.

“Yes, I am sorry, but I can see no other way around it,” he stated.

“But…” she began.

Virginia, I realized that you expect our marriage to happen sooner than that time.  I know I have disappointed your plans.  If you do not wish to wait so long, I will be willing to release you from our engagement so that you might find another who is not so busy with a younger sister’s debut or pressing estate matters that would require his utmost attention.” Darcy looked hopefully in her direction.

“No, Fitzwilliam, you are correct in that I am disappointed.  But we have made a commitment to each other and I see no reason to break that commitment.”

“Are you sure?  I would hate for you to miss an opportunity to settle your future as well as the future of you sons.  Also, I understand that Lady Julia will be entering her confinement about that same time, and I am sure that you would want to be with her.  That could delay our wedding until after the first of the year,” he was desperately hoping to get her to change her mind.

“I will admit that before I married Lemuel, I had hoped that maybe you would have asked for my hand, but as things happened, I settled for him.  But now I have a second chance with you, it is what I wish.  I can wait for as long as is needed,” she admitted.  Though it may be hard to wait that long if I do not get you into my bed soon.

Trying to hide his disappointment, he said, “Yes, well, an autumn wedding it will be.  You are welcome to come to Pemberley this summer.  While I may not have as much time to attend to you as I would wish, there is always Georgiana to keep you company.”

NO!  Not a summer with Georgiana, how dreadfully boring.  Besides, I do not want to step foot in Pemberley House until I am its Mistress.  She remembered the last time she had visited Pemberley with her husband and she was sure that her deeds at that time were still being talked about among the servants.  It was best to arrive there as the Mistress than a guest in case Mr. Darcy was to be made aware of what his servants were privy to at that time.

She and Lemuel had been guests of a summer gathering of some of Darcy’s old school mates.  One morning she had seen her husband entering an unused wing of the house and followed him.  He had gone into a room that held some collection of the Darcy family.  While her husband was wandering around examining one thing after another, she slipped quietly into the room.  Removing her arms from her sleeves, she let her gown fall to expose her bare breasts.  Lifting her skirts to her waist, she made sure that when her husband noticed her, he would know there would not be obstacles should he wish to have his way with her. 

When he realized that he was not alone, he turned and was so aroused that he fumbled the buttons on breeches until he gave up and slipped them down his legs, revealing an eager erection.  When she reached him, she backed him onto a nearby sofa.  His bottom had no sooner made contact with the fabric than she was astride him and mounted on his manhood and riding him hard.  Jutting out her breasts to indicate that they needed suckling, her husband obliged.  It was not long before she had reached her climax and continued to ride him until he found his.

As her husband lay gasping for breath, she opened her eyes and saw a young maid and footman holding cleaning pails standing in the doorway.  The young girl was obliviously embarrassed and hung her head.  The young man was obviously clearly entranced by the sight he had encountered and could not take his eyes from her bare bosom.  Crawling off her husband, she addressed them,

“I see we are in your way.”

They both looked embarrassed that they had not discreetly removed themselves and began to turn around to leave.

But Virginia immediately stated, “Do not leave on our account, just give us a moment, and we will be out of your way.”

Lemuel, realizing their private act had been witnessed, quickly pulled up his breeches.  Standing up, he began helping her back into her gown.  Taking her elbow, he ushered her out of the room.  She could not help but give the young man a smile and a wink as she watched him turn bright red.

While she did not know whether the Master had been apprised of their escapade as he had never mentioned it, she was sure it was much talked about below stairs at Pemberley.  Therefore, spending time at that great house without the benefit of marriage to the Master was not something she wished to do.

“No, Fitzwilliam, I do not believe I can accept your kind invitation as I am to visit the boys in Lincolnshire sometime this summer.   Besides, I was hoping to spend some time here in London to get a start on shopping for those things that will be needed for the marriage,” she replied as she stood.

Darcy quickly averted his gaze as she had unloosened the tie to her gown, allowing it to hang open to reveal the front of her bare body.  Gripping the arms of his chair, he closed his eyes to bring forward any image that would keep his traitorous manhood from expanding.  Images of sheep being shorn had worked only so long when his mind flashed to Miss Bingley and then onto his aunt, Lady Catherine.  That was working until he felt her behind him as she slid her hands down his chest to his thankfully still limp penis.  However, when she leaned in and nibbled his earlobe  and whispered,

“Fitzwilliam, such a hardy meal demands exercise to digest properly.  Why do we not retire to my bed chamber where I can make sure you are properly attended to?”

Pushing himself from his seat, he stepped away without turning around to face her.

“Mrs. Wagstaff, with our nuptials six months or more into the future, I do not believe that now is the time to begin anticipating our vows,” he firmly stated.

“But there are ways to prevent such consequences,” she said.

“Yes, but I am not a man who has ever had to.  I am afraid that in the heat of passion that I will forget and then it will be too late.  No, Virginia, I am not prepared to take such a risk.”

Sensing that she was approaching him again, he bolted toward the door, “Virginia, I must leave.  I have several appointments to see to this morning.”

With that, he was out the sitting room door and bounding down the stairs as if hounds of hell were chasing him.  He fairly sprinted to the front door before yanking it open and rushed to his waiting carriage. 

Once inside the carriage, he took several deep breaths to calm himself.  That was a close call --- too close.  But I doubt that I will ever be able to convince her to dissolve our engagement.  Now what am I

going to do?

After the door closed behind Mr. Darcy, a frustrated Virginia flopped into the chair where he had sat wondering what had gone wrong with her plan to seduce him.

She began to wonder if Mr. Darcy was truly the prig he was rumored to be instead of the libidinous man of Edward Fitzwilliam’s tales. 

Rising from the chair, she retreated to her bed chamber.  Stopping to retrieve her most prized possession from the box on the table by her bed, she crawled onto the bed and settled herself to ponder just what her intended meant in postponing their wedding and most importantly why did her almost naked body not produce an arousal from him?

The weeks after Darcy’s ‘breakfast’ with Mrs. Wagstaff had been pure agony for him.  It did not appear that Mrs. Wagstaff would voluntary agree to breaking the engagement and there was nothing he could do about it that would not harm Georgiana and other innocent people he cared about. 

His attempts to visit with Elizabeth had been thwarted as those mornings he had planned to call on the ladies at Crandall House, he had been informed that Lady Suzan and Elizabeth would be out.  For the first time, he became truly vexed at his sister.  She had invited Elizabeth to call when she knew he would be out of the house and had not even informed him of the invitation until after the visit.

Every night he had to stand by, with Mrs. Wagstaff latched to his arm, as he watched Elizabeth surrounded by gentlemen seeking her favor.  She laughed with them, teased them, had serious conversations with them, and danced with them.  Only occasionally would she glance his way and smile at him.  He thought it ironic that Virginia did the same things with the cadre of gentlemen who were foolish enough to pay attention to an engaged lady with her betrothed at her side, but he could have cared less.  But when a young buck showed interest in his Elizabeth, he was ready to run him through with the General’s dress sword.

He felt like a caged animal desiring its freedom to be back in its natural surroundings without rules to hinder its ability to attain its needs.

The only bright spot was Georgiana and Bingley.  They had taken quite a liking to each other, and it was seldom that one of them would be seen without the other nearby.  In fact, he could almost swear that Georgiana was encouraging Bingley’s suit.  While she was polite to the other gentlemen that would approach her, she was positively animated when Bingley was by her side.  He had to give Bingley credit though; he was not acting the jealous suitor and was allowing Georgiana to meet other gentlemen and would leave her alone until the gentlemen would move on.  But the minute they left, he was at her side again. 

Georgiana Darcy was happy with how her first season was progressing – happier than she ever thought she would be.  That happiness had as its source, one Mr. Charles Bingley.  Mr. Bingley’s marked attentions to her at the events they both attended made her feel special and much more comfortable than having to entertain gentlemen that she knew little or nothing about. 

Lady Julia and Mrs. Wagstaff were not pleased with her marked attention to Mr. Bingley, but as he was a particular friend of her brother’s, they could not say anything about it.  Well, they had tried and had been soundly scolded by Mr. Darcy for suggesting that Mr. Bingley was not good enough for Georgiana; that was tantamount of telling him that his closest friend was not worthy of his friendship.  Georgiana was pleased that her brother had defended Mr. Bingley and went on to ignore the ladies’ suggestion as to whom she should work her womanly wiles on to capture their attention.  The only attention she wanted was from Mr. Bingley.

At almost twenty years old, Georgiana Darcy was older than most of the young debutantes, and at that age she felt she was more mature than those young ladies that giggled and simpered, whispering behind their fans.  But she also knew she was far from the sophisticated ladies that were in abundance at the society functions that she attended every evening nor did she wish to be, much to Lady Julia and Mrs. Wagstaff’s chagrin.  That is why Mr. Bingley’s constant attentions to her made her so happy.

She and Mr. Bingley had always been friendly and amiable with each other.  They had, in the past, treated each other like brother and sister.  But now their banter was not that of siblings but more along the lines of flirting.  Mr. Bingley was always kind and solicitous with her, but his words and actions bespoke of feelings that were more than that of a common acquaintance or even that of their previous relationship.  He actually seemed to be wooing her.  Courting her because he cared for her, not her money or the connections that would come with her; she felt his affections were honest, and she could not help but return them.  His constancy to her also endeared him to her.  Every night when they attended the same event, he was never far from her and whenever she was left alone or with just family, he would come and stand beside her and talk with her.  He never seemed to pay much attention to the other young ladies and rarely danced with anyone except her or his sisters or Elizabeth Bennet.  If they were at a musical soirée or the theatre, he would always select a seat, if not next to her, at least near to her.  When they talked together, he always looked her in the eye and was always smiling.  He made her feel that what she had to say was important to him…that she was important to him.  Georgiana Darcy was fast falling in love with Mr. Charles Bingley.

One evening at the Hedley-Smythe’s ball found Miss Caroline Bingley standing next to her sister, Louisa, and Mr. Hurst reviewing the guests as they returned from the supper table.  This Season had not lived up to her expectations.  All, except for one outcome, caused her great disappointment.  At least her brother, Charles, seemed to be making headway with his attentions to Miss Georgiana Darcy. Try as she might, however, Caroline had found herself stymied in getting any information on that front from her either her brother or Miss Darcy.  When she had confronted Charles to ask about his intentions toward dear Georgiana, he had simply smiled and walked away.  Therefore, she had had to resort to other measures to gain such information, and discovered herself only to be thwarted there as well.

On several occasions, she had called at Darcy House only to be told that Miss Darcy was out.  When those calls had not been acknowledged, she made another trip to visit her dear friend only to find Miss Darcy in the company of the Dowager Lady Matlock and Miss Elizabeth Bennet.  Those two ladies definitely frightened her, and she knew that what she sought from Miss Darcy, in regards to her brother, would not be forthcoming nor could she attempt to ask for such details, which she desired to know concerning that courtship.

The Dowager Lady Matlock and Miss Bennet always seem to look at her with a small, secret smile on their countenance that alarmed her.  It was as if they knew something about her that she did not.  Instinct warned her to stay away from those two ladies lest she find herself totally humiliated in some form or fashion.

The dowager she understood, as a lady of rank and distinction, but what was there about Miss Bennet?

She confounded Caroline in many ways.  Elizabeth Bennet seemed to be the same lady she had known in Hertfordshire all those years ago.  No breeding, no sense of style, no connections.  Well, except for Lady Webberley and Lady Matlock, there was nothing to recommend her. Yet, the attention she received from some of the most eligible young gentlemen was astounding.  Gentleman of title and no title; gentlemen of wealth that matched or exceeded Mr. Darcy’s purported affluence, and yet all and sundry of the interest paid to her did not seem to garner Miss Bennet’s attention more than polite conversation and a pleasant smile.  What is that girl thinking? Does she not want to be married and increase her significance?  And be out of my hair!

While Caroline had assumed that an engagement between General Fitzwilliam and Miss Bennet would be forthcoming, it had not, nor did it appear that it ever would.  The general paid an inordinate amount of interest in Mrs. Tidwell, recently released from mourning her late husband.  In fact, she had heard whispers that he had been seen leaving Mrs. Tidwell’s townhouse in the early morning hours.

In addition to the grievances she held against Miss Bennet, there was the amount of notice that that lady received from Mr. Darcy---notice that, even though he was engaged to another, rightfully belonged to her.  In times past, Mr. Darcy would always seek her out as a partner for a dance, at least once of an evening, but not now.  Now he only danced with Mrs. Wagstaff, Georgiana, or Miss Bennet and possibly the dowager if she had been inclined to dance.

Caroline Bingley’s quest for any scandalous news about Mrs. Wagstaff had met with failure.  There was not a juicy tidbit to be found, other than her provocative sense of fashion.  Even that had led many a gentleman to flirt outrageously with that woman; those flirtations did not seem to engender a response from the ever proper Mr. Darcy.  How was she ever going to be the one to enlighten him on his disastrous choice of a marriage partner?  How was she ever to get close enough to him to lend her comfort and support when he realized his egregious mistake in offering for her?

Looking down at her décolletage, which she had instructed Madame Saucier to enhance with an immoderate amount of padding, Caroline gazed over to Mrs. Wagstaff buxom figure to only confirm that she could never compete to that vulgar display.  Moving her sight to Miss Bennet, she let out a deep frustrated sigh as Caroline Bingley realized that she could not win in any contest with that lady either.

Where had everything gone so wrong? Caroline frowned at the mess of confusion and frustration she had been dealt.  Caroline's frown turned into a scowl as her eyes narrowed when she took in the sight of Virginia Wagstaff clinging to Mr. DarcyAs G-d is my witness, I will not allow that tart to besmirch the noble name of Darcy.

Elizabeth Bennet found herself surprised at the enjoyment she was receiving from her time in London.  The surprise came from the fact that her delight of this time was predicated on the fact that it stemmed from the attentions of one Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy.  Mr. Darcy had become as much a constant in her life as Lady Suzan and General Fitzwilliam; though she had been a bit disappointed when he curtailed his visits after her presentation. Now he usually visited Crandall House with Georgiana and there were no longer the times when they were alone together to speak of whatever they wished.   Nevertheless, she found she had grown quite fond of him, in fact, too fond and there lay her dilemma.

Long ago, Elizabeth had resigned herself to being a spinster.  Not that she really wanted to be one, but the fact that he loomed in the background threatening to destroy any happiness she might find in marriage, made her believe that being a spinster was her only choice.  She could not let her secrets and his ability to unravel them taint another’s happiness.  She could not let her scandal ruin the lives of those she cared about.  She had chanced the risk of exposure by staying in London where she would be most vulnerable.  Once Lady Emily’s legacy was hers, she would retire to a quiet village where no one knew her and live out her life.  Tucked away in an unknown corner of England, she knew her secret would be safe and not harm anyone but her. 

While she tried valiantly to guard her heart, she felt that slipping away as Mr. Darcy seemed to breach her defenses.  Yes, he was engaged to marry another and no one would be hurt but her.  But she still could not help but hope and dream that he would be hers in some way or fashion.  It was a silly, stupid dream but a dream she found harder and harder to ignore.

However, the most shocking surprise was the physical impact he had on her.  She knew what men and women did in private.  She had in her knowledge exactly, with graphic detail, what happens.  It was one of the reasons for wishing to remain unmarried.  But Mr. Darcy was causing her to rethink that as well.  She just could not image Mr. Darcy being so wild and savage.  Then there were the reactions that her body conveyed when he was near.  The fluttering in her stomach, the warmth that seem to spread through her, the tips of her breasts tightening to an almost painful longing for him to touch her there.  And even more startling was that all these sensations were pleasurable not painful as she would have thought.  The afternoon when they were in the alcove at St. James Palace, she was sure he was going to kiss her, and she had wanted him to and could not help but be disappointed when they were interrupted by Lady Suzan.

Elizabeth had enjoyed the attentions of the many gentlemen that had approached her for a dance or conversation but none had captured her interest as Mr. Darcy had done.  At a ball, she had enjoyed having her dance card filled and dancing the night away, but the only dance she would remember of the night was the one that Mr. Darcy would single her out for.  Dancing with him was magical; her body was alive with such joyous sensations.  When he touched her, it was a caress…gentle and soft…loving and tender.  They rarely talked during a dance, content to look into each other’s eyes with small contented smiles on their faces.  There was an invisible connection between them that neither wished to acknowledge nor break. She was his lady and he was her hero.  Once the dance was completed, he would escort her off the floor, her body flushed, but not from the exercise, but rather from the excitement of being near him.  Her legs were barely able to support her, so affected was she by his presence.

When Mr. Darcy was not dancing, he seemed to be constantly watching her dance.  When she would cast her glance in his direction, he always seemed to be looking at her and not Mrs. Wagstaff.  He would grace her with a smile of acknowledgement and she was undone, her heart and stomach aflutter.  By the end of the evening, all the other gentlemen’s attentions were but just a footnote to her evening.    

She knew she should distance herself from Mr. Darcy, but she knew she could not nor did she really want to.  All she could do was take what pleasure she could from him while she was able and hope that it would be enough to live on once he was married and she was settled in her quiet village.

On observing Mr. Darcy and Mrs. Wagstaff, she noticed that Mr. Darcy did not seem happy when he was with his fiancée.  In fact, the only time he did look happy was when he caught her looking at him and then he would give her a small smile…a smile that spoke volumes.

The time that Elizabeth and Darcy had spent together prior to her presentation had given her insight in the man. She found she quite enjoyed his company; no, that was not true.  It was more than enjoyed, she felt a connection to him.  While she still felt that connection, she did not understand why things were now so distant between them.  She longed for his presence and those feelings his nearness provoked within her.  She longed for their talks and the intimacy that somehow would seep into their interaction each time they were together.

Knowing that he was engaged, she was not expecting any thing more from him, but she had hoped that they could continue their friendship.  He gave her a sense of familiarity in a world where she was faced with many new faces.  He was an anchor for her, keeping her grounded when everything around her was new and unknown.  Not that Lady Suzan or Richard, as she now referred to the general, did not provide a sense of amity, but with Mr. Darcy, those feelings were more physical.  Her body felt his presence; she had feelings of being cared for and nurtured at just the sight of him.  That fact was the most surprising of all since she had always thought a man, any man, would make her feel revulsion when in such close proximity as she and Mr. Darcy had found themselves a few times.  She did not feel any fear or revulsion from his touch, in fact, she was disappointed when it ended and longed for it to resume…to continue and never stop. She closed her eyes and sighed deeply. She was falling in love with him, and G-d help her…she knew it was wrong.

Charles Bingley found himself quite enchanted with Miss Georgiana Darcy.  Gone were the images of Miss Darcy as a shy, young girl.  Those images were replaced with Miss Darcy as a beautiful young lady who presented herself to the world with grace and poise.  While she was still a bit shy and demure around those she did not know well, with him she was animated, amusing, and held a hint of sensual allurement.  No, this young lady was no longer the girl he had looked upon as a younger sister. 

As with most things, people will tend to compare new experiences with those things that are familiar to them and this was exactly what Charles Bingley did; he compared Miss Darcy with Miss Jane Bennet and was quite surprised at his assessment.  Both ladies were of similar coloring and stature.  Both ladies presented a demure presence.  But that was where the coincidences ended.  With Jane Bennet, he had looked at her as an angel, a goddess, one who should be worshipped.  Georgiana was a flesh and blood being, who wanted nothing more than to be respected for herself.  With Jane, he had always been in awe of her presence when she smiled demurely at his attempts at courtship.  With Georgiana, he enjoyed his time spent with a lively, witty, and informed young lady who was willing to tease and flirt with him.  But the biggest difference was his physical attraction to each lady.  With Jane Bennet, all he ever imaged was a soft kiss and maybe holding her hand, nothing more than what was proper.  But lately his dreams had featured Georgiana in a most improper manner.  In fact, he found that when he was near her, it was becoming increasingly more difficult to suppress the physical stirrings that she excited.

To this end, he began to step up his efforts at courting Miss Darcy.  He could not help but be pleased by her response to his actions.  Noticing that she would politely rebuff attentions from those young gentlemen who wished to pursue her only gave him encouragement. 

With most of the attention focused on Darcy and his engagement to Mrs. Wagstaff, Mr. Bingley found it easier and easier to gain private time with Miss Darcy.  And it was in these private moments, that Bingley found Georgiana was also enchanted with him.

One evening, after a dance with Miss Darcy, Mr. Bingley asked if she would like to get some fresh air to which she agreed.  Seeking a quiet place in the garden outside, the couple stood enjoying the night air as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

Finally Georgiana broke the silence by asking, “Charles, are you courting me?”

Flustered by such a direct question, Bingley was at a loss for words.  Until he realized that if Georgiana was to be his future wife, then he should be honest with her, “Yes, Georgiana, I am.  I had hoped to be more discreet as I have spoken to your brother…”

“My brother!” She wrinkled her forehead and frowned.  “What has he got to do with this?”

“Well, he is your guardian, and I must seek his permission to formally court you.  Although I have already done so, he has asked me to wait until closer to the end of the season so that you would have a chance to meet other young gentlemen that you might wish to consider,” he replied.

“He did, did he?” she queried just a bit perturbed at her brother arranging things without her knowledge or consent.

“Georgiana, you are one of the most sought after young ladies of the season.  There are many gentlemen eager to win your favor.  I know I may not be an appropriate match for you as I have no title, and I am not as wealthy as many of the other gentlemen. Also I wanted to discover whether you would be interested in someone like me before I approached you,” he explained.

She gave him a mischievous smile and said, “But you have gone ahead and begun your suit!”

Blushing, he admitted, “Well…Yes…I wanted to make sure that you would include me into your consideration from the hordes of gentlemen seeking your approbation.”

Boldly reaching out, she took his hand and said, “Charles, I will admit that you have been prominent in my thoughts as a candidate for several weeks now.”

Astonished, he exclaimed, “I have?”

Shyly she nodded. “Yes.”

“Then you would consider marrying me?” he asked.

“Yes, and I can tell you right now that my answer will be yes when you choose to ask me,” she boldly stated.

“You will marry me?” he asked overwhelmed at his good fortune.

“Yes, Charles, I would be honored to be your wife,” she stated.

Looking around to see that they were alone, Bingley put his arms around Georgiana, lifted her up and twirled her around.  Whispering in her ear, “Georgiana, you have made me a very happy man!”

Wrapping her arms around his neck to steady herself, she whispered back, “You are no more happy than I!”

Setting her back on her feet, he was pleased that she had not released her hold around this neck and leaned down to kiss her lips.

Overwhelmed by all that had just happened, she kissed him back and soon they were involved in a kiss that went well beyond the bounds of propriety, even in private.  As the need for air parted them, they gazed at each other with unmitigated desire.  While Bingley knew exactly where that desire would lead, Georgiana did not, but she knew that she had been affected in a most pleasant way and wished to further her experience in the finer points of intimacy with a man.

Realizing that they were in a precarious situation, Bingley reached up and removed her hands from behind his neck as he took a step backward.  “Georgiana…” he started but was halted by the look of disappointment on her face.  “Is there anything wrong?” he asked.

Lowering her head, she quietly said, “Oh! What you must think of me?”

Taking his right forefinger, he raised her chin, “I think you are the most beautiful lady I have ever beheld and that your responses to me are more than I would ever have hoped for in my wife.  Your passionate nature makes me more contented than you will ever know.  I do not wish for you to change even one jot.”

She smiled, gazing into his eyes momentarily.  Glancing around, she realized that he had been correct in gaining a little distance and then she let her elation flow over her at the declaration that he had not been offended by her boldness but rather he would encourage it, at least in a more private setting.

“Maybe it is best if we return,” he said.

“Just a few minutes more, please.  I am still too happy to go back.  Besides we have not discussed what to do about Fitzwilliam,” she pleaded.

“While I am not of the mind to keep things from Darcy, this has happened so quickly, and it is so new to us both.  I believe we should take some time to consider what we want before approaching him.  I know you do not like keeping things from him as well, so I will leave that decision to you.  I would be more than happy to approach him tomorrow and ask for his consent and blessing as I wish for us to marry as soon as can be.  However, I believe that you and I need some time to adjust and you will want to begin thinking of planning a large wedding befitting Miss Darcy of Pemberley,” he smiled.

“Charles, I believe you are correct in waiting to go to Fitzwilliam with this.  It has happened rather abruptly. While I would like nothing better than to marry you tomorrow, we do not need to rush into things.  But once we do gain his consent, I do not want to wait long before we marry and I do not want a large wedding.  The only person I care to be at our wedding is you, and, maybe, Fitzwilliam,” she grinned at him.  “But I want a small ceremony with just close family and friends, not some elaborate show of wealth.  This should be personal between us, and I only want those we care about to witness it.”

Stepping toward her, he pulled her into his embrace. “My sweet Georgiana, you shall have whatever you want.  Though I will confess, I am not sure I could have waited for you during the time it would take to plan an intricate wedding.  I only wish that you be there, and I will be content with whatever you choose to do.”

Wrapping her arms around his waist as she laid her head on his chest, she said, “Thank you, Charles.”

After placing a kiss on top of her head, he released her and stepped back to offer her his arm, “Shall we return to the ball, Miss Darcy?”

Taking his arm, “Yes, Mr. Bingley!” she said and then leaned up and placed a kiss on his cheek that made him blush.





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