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Chapter 25

Darcy entered his house feeling freer than he had ever felt.  Mrs. Wagstaff had cuckolded him and he could not be happier.  And to have her to do so with an audience was more than he could have hoped for.

Elizabeth will be mine and that is all I care about.

Entering his dressing room, he dismissed his valet for the night and undressed.  It was the wee hours of the morning but he was too excited to sleep.  Stretching out in a chair before the fire, he started his planning.  Tomorrow he would seek Elizabeth’s hand in matrimony.  They could not marry too soon for it would look unseemly to break an engagement and then marry another.  But he was not going to let this imposed separation continue.  After Georgiana’s wedding, he had planned to take Elizabeth to a fishing cottage on the coast that belonged to his family.  That was no longer necessary now; he would take Elizabeth with him to Pemberley.  Of course, he would have to take Lady Suzan and Fitzwilliam with him for propriety’s sake but, at least, Elizabeth would be near, and she would stay near until they could wed.  He was filled with so much hope and happiness.

It was breakfast time when General Richard Fitzwilliam entered Crandall House.  After the scene at Mrs. Wagstaff’s house and then drinks at White’s to spread the word, his brother Edward had treated him to a visit to Madame Dupree’s.  While he was now sober, Richard Fitzwilliam was a bit worse for wear when Hornsby informed him that her Ladyship was in the breakfast room and was asking for him.

Sighing he knew he had better attend her.  Looking down at his clothing, he decided that it would just have to do, besides his mother would be incensed if she was to learn that she was not first to hear his news.

“Good morning, Mother,” he greeted.

“Good morning, Elizabeth.”  He turned and bowed to her.

“Richard,” his mother responded while looking him up and down with a look of disgust on her face.

Elizabeth took in his appearance and smiled, “Good morning, General.”

“Where is Georgiana?” he asked.

His mother replied, “She left earlier to have breakfast with her brother.

“I have the most intriguing news – Darcy and Mrs. Wagstaff have mutually agreed to break their engagement.” He stated with a huge grin on his face.

Lady Suzan was flabbergasted, “What...how…why…oh, my!  Richard, how did this happen?”

Elizabeth went pale at the news.  She never believed that Darcy would break his engagement.  As much as she loved him, she never thought that they would ever be together and now this.  She did not know what to think of it.  Would he come to her and propose?  If he did, she could not accept him without revealing her secret, and if she did tell him all, he would hate her and then all would be ruined. 

“It seems that awhile back Darcy offered to release her from the engagement.  She had complained about the wedding date being so far in future…” Fitzwilliam turned to Miss Bennet and noticed that she looked distressed.

“Elizabeth, are you quite well?” he asked.

Lady Suzan looked over at Elizabeth and exclaimed, “Elizabeth, whatever is the matter?”

Recalling herself to the present company, she looked at each them before saying, “Yes…no…please excuse me.”  Rising from her chair, she hurried out of the dining room and up the stairs to her room.

“I will see after her,” Lady Suzan stated.  As she walked past her son, she emitted a disgusted sigh and added, “You go clean yourself up.  I imagine you were out with your brother.”

Richard grinned at his mother and nodded his head.  “I guess I do look a bit of a fright.”

“Once you have made yourself presentable, I demand to hear every detail of what transpired last night with Darcy.  But, I do not wish to hear about your escapades with your brother.”

“Since Edward was with me the entire evening, there will not be much to tell,” he teased.

“How did a quiet evening at Darcy’s end with him breaking his engagement?  She did not show up there making a scene, did she?”

“No, Mother, she did not show up at Darcy’s, but she did make a scene.  Do go see after Elizabeth. I will go clean up and tell you all later.”

Elizabeth left the breakfast room and went straight to her rooms.  She was shocked and stunned at the news that Darcy had broken the engagement.  Sitting in the window seat, she drew up her knees and wrapped her arms tightly around her legs, laying her head on her knees.  There was thinking to do. 

She wondered if he had broken the engagement or if Mrs. Wagstaff had.  Now she wished she had stayed to learn the particulars, but she was so surprised by the news and its impact since he had confessed that he still loved her.  She knew deep down inside that he would propose marriage to her again.  How am I going to refuse him again when I am in love with him? I will have to tell him my secrets and when I do, will he still love me? Maybe it can be delayed until I can figure something out.  He would not offer for me until the scandal of the broken engagement has been lost to other gossip. That would allow me time to decide how to proceed.  Maybe he will not make an offer, would he still want to associate with me knowing that George Wickham is my brother-in-law? Oh! What a tangle! There is so much I do not know. How can I even make a decision on what to do?  Maybe, I should just go home to Hertfordshire.

There was a knock on the door.  She knew it was Lady Suzan.  Whether or not she was ready, she knew she would have to explain her behavior to that lady.  Taking a deep breath, she called, “Come in.”

Richard watched his mother leave the room.  Gazing over at the side board, he decided he was famished and that a bath and shave could wait.  After all, he had not eaten since dinner at Darcy’s last night.  Filling a plate and pouring a cup of coffee, he tucked into the fare on his plate.  Rising and filling his plate again, he had just sat down when Darcy was announced.

Laughing at his cousin, “Darcy, you are here earlier than your norm, though I am not surprised.”

“When will Elizabeth be down?” Darcy asked eagerly.

“Well, I do not rightly know,” Fitzwilliam responded.  “She has been down but then hastily returned upstairs.”

“Oh!” he said, disappointed at missing her.  “Do you know her plans for the day?”

“No, I do not.  However, she seemed quite distressed at the news of your broken engagement,” was Richard’s response.

NO!” Darcy cried. Rising from the table, he thundered out of the dining room and climbed the stairs two at a time.  He knew which suite of rooms Elizabeth had been given and went to one of the doors and opened it. 

Seeing his aunt standing by the window next to Elizabeth who was seated in the window seat, he called, “Aunt!”

Startled, Lady Suzan turned and calmly said, “Nephew?”

“Might I have a private word with Miss Bennet?” he asked.

She was disposed not to allow it, realizing how upset Elizabeth was and not knowing the particulars of what had happened last night with Darcy. Seeing her nephew was clearly as upset as Elizabeth, she knew it was time to resolve whatever it was that was troubling Elizabeth, and she instinctively felt that Darcy was the one person that could get Elizabeth to reveal her secrets.  After all, a wife should have no secrets from her husband or, in this case, her husband-to-be.

Nodding, she looked into Elizabeth’s pleading eyes which begged Lady Suzan not to leave her alone.  Feeling sympathy for the young lady, Lady Suzan leaned over to kiss Elizabeth’s check before whispering in her ear, “Elizabeth, now is the time to purge your demons.”

Straightening up, she said to Elizabeth, “I will be right outside the door if you need me.”

Turning, she walked toward Darcy.  Upon reaching him, she said in a low voice, “This is your chance to gain your heart’s desire.  Do not mess it up this time and remember to be gentle with her.”  Glancing over her shoulder to look at Elizabeth who was gazing out the window, she returned her attention to Darcy and stated, “She is more fragile than she appears.”

Elizabeth hugged herself as she gazed unseeingly out the window, completely ignoring the only other inhabitant in the room while she tried to marshal her thoughts enough to determine how to address this issue of them marrying or not marrying as was her present mindset.

“Elizabeth,” Darcy said as he walked over to stand by her. 

Looking up at him, she asked, “Why did you do it?”

Confused, he queried, “Of what are you speaking of?”

“Why did you break your engagement with Mrs. Wagstaff?”

With a hallow laugh, he responded, “I did not break my engagement with Mrs. Wagstaff.  It was she that wished to dissolve our understanding.”

Shaking her head, she looked out the window before exclaiming, “I cannot believe that.”

“It is true.  I have as my witnesses Fitzwilliam, Lord Matlock, and Bingley.  They were there when she indicated her choice of Sir Arnold Murphy over me.”

“Sir Arnold, now I know I do not believe you.”  She shook her head in skepticism.

“All you have to do is call Fitzwilliam up; he will attest to the veracity of my statements,” he said sincerely.

This turn of events made her situation even more untenable.  He was truly free from Mrs. Wagstaff and now he meant to pursue her.  How did her life get to be such a mess?  She laid her head on her knees as she gazed out the window, not wanting to think about what all this would mean to her.

“Elizabeth?” Darcy called to garner her attention.  “Why does the news that I am no longer engaged cause you such anguish?  You led me to believe…I had hoped…that you cared for me…loved me.  Did I misunderstand you yet again?”

She quietly shook her head.  His presence so close to her was not helping her to keep her senses about her.  The sad tone she heard in his voice did not help matters either.

Darcy touched her arm, hoping she would turn around and face him.  Seeing her flinch, he removed it.  Elizabeth, can you look me in the eye and tell me that you do not love me?”

Again, she shook her head.  Lowering her head, as tears welled up in her eyes. “No, I cannot deny my feelings for you.”

“Then will you consent to be my wife?  You know that I love you.  I have desperately loved you for the past three years,” he stated.

She turned to face him and rose from her seat in the window before taking several steps away from him. With a deep sigh, she explained, “If I become your wife, we would be risking scandal and damage to your good name.”

Elizabeth…” he started.

“No, wait! Hear me out.” She held up her hand to silence him.  “I cannot risk injuring you by the damage I could do to your name.  On the other hand, I find that you have become an important part of my life, and I do not want to part from you.  What I can offer you is myself as your mistress.”

Staring at her dumbfounded, he was at a loss of what to say to her proclamation.  What is she thinking? After giving the matter some thought, he said, “The role of mistress I want you to assume is the Mistress of Pemberley and the Mistress of Darcy House.  The only way to gain those titles is through marriage to me.”

Elizabeth was disappointed that he rebuffed her offer, though she knew he would.  Her next move both scared and aroused her, but it was all she could think of to change his mind.  Removing her clothing, she stood before him wearing nothing but her house slippers, she said, “Mr. Darcy, this is all I have to give you.”  Sweeping her hand down her body, she continued, “I cannot marry you.  But please let me be your mistress,” she pleaded.

Hardly hearing her words, he stood speechless at the sight before him.  She was more beautiful that he ever imagined.  He had seen his fair share of naked women but none could equal what was standing in front of him.  Her large breasts were firm and round with puckered nipples and buds the size of small grapes.  Lowering his eyes to her trim torso and flat stomach, he continued down to her rounded hips to the juncture between her long legs.  After a quick perusal of the rest of her body, he riveted his attention to her bosom.  His reaction was immediate, and he could feel his erection struggling to escape its confines.  In fact, trying to regain his control of it was nigh on impossible.

Hoping to affect in him the desire to take her then and there, she believed that once he had taken her virtue then he would have no other choice than to make her his mistress.  Elizabeth was not a stranger to the male anatomy thanks to her young cousin, John, whom her Aunt Gardiner could not keep a stitch of clothing on when he was three years old.  However, she was not familiar with the adult male’s body.  Lydia had been quite detailed in what George had done when he was desirous to fornicate, so Elizabeth had some idea of the effect that urge would have on a gentleman’s body.  Looking Darcy in the eye, she could see his desire but when she looked lower she could tell that his male appendage was bulging and moving within his trousers as if trying to escape.  She could not help but feel pleased that her ploy had worked.  That is until…

Elizabeth, please excuse me for a moment.” Darcy said as he walked to the door that led into her bed chamber.  “Stay here and do not move.  I will be with you shortly.  And please, put your gown back on.”

Bending down, she picked up her clothing and began to dress again.  She was disappointed that he had abandoned her.  Does he not find me attractive enough?  I could have sworn that I had an effect on him.  Why did he have to leave?

After waiting a few minutes, she heard muffled moans and grunts and groans coming from her bed chamber.  Is he ill? Deciding to see if he needed aid, she went to the door and opened it.

Looking around the room, she saw him standing by the fire with his breeches half way down his legs.  He was stroking his erection with one hand with his head leaned back.  In the other hand, he held a handkerchief.  While she was not sure what he was doing, she could not take her eyes away from that part of his male body that was forbidden to her as she was still an innocent maiden.

She was quite unprepared for the sight before her; she did not think a man’s penis was quite so large. Apprehension beset her as she wondered at why she had asked that he take her virtue when it appeared that it would not fit inside her.  Thoughts of what Lydia had endured raced through her mind.  Going home to her family and a quiet life was beginning to look like her best option at the moment. 

Hearing him grunt as he moved to cover his appendage with the handkerchief, she asked, “Mr. Darcy, are you unwell?”

Darcy was so engrossed in reaching his release, he had not noticed she had entered the room much less had spoken to him.  His release was upon him as he gave one last grunt, letting his essence flow forth into the handkerchief.  With his climax ebbing, he whispered, “Oh! G-d, Elizabeth, what am I going to do with you?”

“I do not know, Mr. Darcy. What are you going to do with me?” she asked.

His head shot up with his eyes wide and his cheeks flushed.  Mortification shot through him as he had literally been caught red-handed.  He placed his hands over his groin area and was gratified his handkerchief was somewhat covering his private parts.  He was not sure what to do.  Elizabeth was a maiden and here he was exposing himself to her.  He had to get her out of the room so he could compose himself and put his clothing back to rights.  Taking the offensive in this situation was the only thing that came to mind.

“Miss Bennet, I thought I asked you to remain in the other room,” he said sternly.

“Yes, you did.  Had I not heard such moaning and groaning from you, I would have remained there.  You, however, seemed to be in some sort of agony, and I came in to see if I could aid you in some way,” she replied as she crossed her arms under her bosom and stood her ground. 

He closed his eyes and inwardly chuckled, thinking I need to marry her soon so she will know the difference between moans of pleasure and moans of pain.

“Well, Mr. Darcy, are you in pain?” she asked determinedly.

He looked up at her to answer but the sight of her arms pulling the silk of her gown taut over her nipples, which protruded, made him pause.  It was a warm spring morning with a small fire in the grate, it was not a chill that caused those protrusions; it was arousal.  His half erect penis firmed up again in response to that bit of knowledge. 

“No, Miss Bennet, I am not in pain,” he said equally determined not to let this scene get out of hand.

“Then what may I ask are you doing?” she queried.

“Miss Bennet, as you have professed your desire to be my mistress, I would expect you to know exactly what I was doing.  Every mistress worth her salt would be aware of a man’s needs,” he said with a bit of a smirk on his lips hoping that she would be dissuaded from asking any further questions on his embarrassing predicament and let him have a private moment to gather himself.

At a loss as to how to respond, she averted her eyes from his before turning and walking into the other room.

After taking a few minutes to straighten his clothing, he followed her.  Seeing her sitting on the settee, he went to stand in front of her.  Bowing, he said, “Miss Bennet, please allow me to express my apologies for what you were a witness to in the adjoining room.  It was not my intention to have you see me in such a state.”

“Will you not explain to me what you were doing?  How am I going to be a good mistress to you if I do not know how to please you?” she asked.

Elizabeth, I do not want you as my mistress.  I want you as my wife.”

“You know I cannot marry you.”

“No, I know no such thing.  You cannot deny that you love me.  I love you with all my heart and body.  There is no reason why we should not marry.  If you have a reason why you cannot marry me, please let me know for I do not know of anything that could be so bad that I would not want you as my wife.”

“But there is, Mr. Darcy!” she exclaimed.

“Then why can you not tell me?  Our friendship has grown over the past months.  I would hope that you know that my feelings for you would not allow me to betray your confidence.  Let me judge if your reasons are sound; if they are something that I cannot live with.  During my last proposal to you at the parsonage, you had no qualms in enumerating the reasons why you could not marry me then.  Why can you not do so now?” he begged.

Looking down at the floor, she knew he was right.  She trusted him and knew that he had every right to decide whether her secrets would destroy the feelings he had for her.  Taking a deep breath, she looked up at him and said,

“Wickham, George Wickham!  He is the reason I cannot marry you. He will make our life together miserable and expose you to a scandal that you might never recover from if you marry me.  And I am sure that he is not above trying to extort money from you to buy his silence.  He will destroy what feelings we have for each other.  I know he has made your life miserable in the past, and he can continue to do so with me as your wife.”





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