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Chapter 29

On a bright and sunny morning during the first week of June, General Richard Fitzwilliam escorted his beloved cousin down the aisle to give her into matrimony to her dearest Mr. Bingley.  Only family had been invited to attend the nuptials of Miss Georgiana Darcy of Pemberley, Derbyshire to Mr. Charles Bingley and, afterwards, to a small wedding breakfast to be held at Darcy House.  

By midday the newlyweds had had enough celebrating and were ready to have some time to their selves.  Mr. Bingley had arranged for his sister, Caroline, to spend the summer with his older sister, Mrs. Hurst, so that he and his new bride could have some time to adjust to being married.  Also, he did not want to inform his sister that he and Georgiana would be traveling to Pemberley for Darcy’s wedding as the scandal with Mrs. Wagstaff was still fresh on the tongues of the gossip mongers, and Darcy did not want his upcoming marriage to be made public until later in the year after all the gossip had died down.

On arriving at the Bingley townhouse, the couple had no sooner shut the door to the downstairs sitting room before they were locked in a tight embrace and kissing passionately.  In the days leading up to their wedding, Charles, with her encouragement, had taken some liberties with his intended.  And now that they were married, those liberties were beginning to exceed what was proper, at least for the sitting room. 

Breaking from a kiss to replenish needed air back into their bodies, they exhibited great anticipation for the night to come. Georgiana asked her husband, “Charles, it is not even two o’clock in the afternoon.  What are we going to do until this evening?”

Charles looked into the bright eyes of his bride and then lowered his gaze to the bodice of her silk gown to see her bosom heaving and her extremely aroused nipples protruding.  He could not help the smile from appearing on his face as he realized that she might actually be ready to consummate their vows right here and now.

“Georgie, my darling wife, what would you like to do?” he casually asked.

Shyly tucking her head down, she replied, “Oh! I do not know. What do married people usually do when they are alone?”

Charles could not help the grin that split his countenance but leaned down and suggested, “Being newly married, I am sure I do not know, but might I suggest that we retire to our chambers.”

“Now!?  It is the middle of the afternoon,” she exclaimed but her eager expression belied her attempt at being a proper lady.

“There is no rule as to when a man and his wife can engaged in certain … well… intimate… undertakings.” Charles was a bit embarrassed to have to explain what he wanted to do to his innocent bride though he knew her thoughts were on the same subject.

Furrowing her brow, she asked, “But what about tonight?  If we…we…do…what will we do tonight?”

Leaning down to kiss her, he then quietly responded close to her ear, “There is no rule as to how often a man and his wife…”

Georgiana eyes widened. “Really!”

Charles nodded.

“Goodness!” she proclaimed as she looked at her husband and smiled.

Charles stepped back and offered her his arm and requested, “May I escort you to the privacy of our chambers?”

She demurely lowered her head and nodded her agreement as she rested her hand in the crook of his elbow.


The new Mrs. Bingley stepped foot in her bed chamber and was immediately impressed at how bright and cheery it was with the afternoon sun streaming through the windows.  With the short time they had to prepare for the wedding, she had only viewed her chambers once, and there had been no time to even think about redecorating them.  But she was pleased with them even though the furniture was a bit outdated; however, there were new draperies at the windows and new linens on the bed.  The bed was a large canopied affair and as she looked at it, she could not help but feel the excitement of having Charles join her in it. 

Walking to the bed, she removed her dressing gown and laid it at the foot of the bed.  Then she went to the head and fluffed the pillows to rest against.  Pulling back the covers, she climbed in and settled herself to await her husband.  Looking down at the night gown Aunt Suzan had given her for the wedding night, she could not help but blush as it was so different from what she normally wore to bed.  It was made of a pale blue silk and instead of being loose and blousy, it hugged her figure.  Instead of covering her from her chin down to her wrists, the scoop neck rested well below her collarbone with small cap sleeves that showed her bare arms from the shoulder to her wrist.  She felt almost naked wearing it but her aunt assured her that Charles would be pleased with it.  She certainly hoped he did not think her a wanton woman even if she felt like she was.

She was excited and a little afraid.  Her excitement came from the thought of being with her new husband.  When her engagement was announced, Aunt Suzan had come to her and told her what to expect on her wedding night.  At first she was horrified that a gentleman would do such a thing to a lady, but her aunt assured her that she would find it a pleasant experience as the couple seemed to hold a great affection for one another.  And as Charles was a gentle and kind man, he would be a gentle and kind lover.  Her aunt had instructed her to explore her body and explained exactly what parts to explore so that she would understand what was happening to her when her husband touched her in those places.  Having already pushed the bounds of propriety to almost the point of breaking them, she already knew the feelings his touch excited within her.

Georgiana was now no stranger to those places on a woman’s body that could feel pleasure.   When Charles would gently touch her breast though the silk of her gown, it made her body tingle.  The area between her legs would also become very sensitive in a pleasant sort of way.  With her aunt’s words fresh in her mind, that first night after their talk, she began to explore her body when she was safely under the covers of her bed.   She was surprised at how powerful those sensations were on her bare skin.  Now that she knew the reason for that bulge that would sometimes appear in Charles’ breeches and how he would use it to give her pleasure, she was quite eager to begin her married life.

As their official engagement period progressed, she was shocked when Charles would give her a passionate kiss or a gentle caress and how those feelings would be amplified from what she felt when she touched her body.   As their wedding day approached, Charles had been a bit more daring in his caresses and she found herself encouraging him to be bolder.  What must he have thought of me? Fortunately he did not seemed bothered by it as he seemed quite pleased at her responses and he married her anyway.

Her fear was in the pain Lady Suzan had warned her about during the first coupling.  Georgiana did not like pain and was not looking forward to that part of the wedding night or afternoon as was the case at present.  After that time when Charles had allowed her to feel his full extent, she had some trepidation about the first time.  She trusted Charles to take care of her.  After all, what was a little pain if the result would produce those feelings of euphoric bliss she had been experiencing at her own touch?  Her mind staggered at the pleasure that Charles would produce in her when he touched her in those places.    


Charles Bingley stood in his dressing room waiting for the time when he could go to his bride.  Wearing only his dressing gown, he stood in front of the looking glass and began to slowly untie his robe to reveal his nude body.  He wondered what his dear, sweet Georgiana would think of him thus.  Would she be frightened?  Would she be disgusted?  He hoped not.  Darcy had told him that both he and his aunt, Lady Suzan, had explained to Georgiana what to expect on their wedding night; Darcy in general terms and Lady Suzan was more specific.  His bride was an innocent and no amount of talking would prepare her when she was faced with the reality of the situation.  He had been encouraged by her responsiveness to the liberties that he had dared to take during the past two weeks.  It also pleased him that she seemed to want to touch and explore his body.  At first it was in a more timid fashion but as the wedding day grew nearer, she became bolder, enough so to rub herself against his burgeoning manhood.  She said it was to take his measure, he hoped he would not dissatisfy her.

Until lately, Bingley had always been embarrassed about his body.  He had been small when he was younger and his sisters had teased him about being a runt.  When he went to university, he grew very quickly, and he was awkward and gangly.  It was not until after he finished school that his body filled out to match his frame.   Now as he examined his body in the mirror, he was pleased with what he saw.  His shoulders and chest were broad.  His arms and legs were lightly muscled from all the horseback riding he did. His chest was covered with a sprinkling of light hair that reached down his stomach to end in the bush of hair around his penis. His penis! Millie had told him that he was well endowed and that the maker had been generous in that area of his body.  His modesty had written off her words as something that was said to a patron to encourage them to perform.  Taking his hand, he wrapped it around his limp appendage.  He found that its length was the span of his palm with the tip resting in the cleave between his forefinger and thumb.  When it was fully aroused, he almost could wrap both his hands around it with the tip easily visible.  He had fit comfortably within Millie and hoped that he would be adequate enough for his sweet Georgiana.  After all, Georgiana was nearly half a head taller than Millie though they both had a slender frame.

Wrapping his dressing gown around him, he prayed that he would not disappoint his new wife.


Hearing a light tapping at the door that connected to her husband’s chambers, she bid him to enter.  She could not help noticing how handsome her husband was in his dark green silk robe.  She felt a fissure of excitement run through her when she noticed that he was not wearing a nightshirt underneath.  The v neck of his dressing gown showed his neck and the top part of his chest.  When he came and sat on her side of the bed, she noticed that there were little hairs visible where the dressing gown crossed over his body.  Oh! My!  When he leaned over to kiss her, she thought she glimpsed his bare leg.  Oh! My! My!  

He told her how beautiful she looked as he let his hand slowly slide down her bare arm, she felt moisture gathering at that area between her legs and her anticipation of what was to come was high.

When he asked if she was ready for him to lie in bed with her, she wanted to scream ‘YES!’ but the proper young lady in her just shyly nodded her head.  She watched as he walked around the bed and pulled the covers back.  Looking over his shoulder at her, he hesitated for a moment before beginning to undo the tie of his robe.  In almost a blink of the eye, he was naked and lying in bed all covered up.  She was disappointed in not getting to see more of his naked body except for his back and the top of his buttocks.  However, what she did see was quite nice.

Charles Bingley had been unsure about whether he should enter his marital bed without his nightshirt.  Not that he was ashamed of his body but that his wife was quite innocent about such things.  He had debated long and hard on the decision and decided that the less pieces of material in the bed the less tangled everything would become.  However, when he made that decision, he had anticipated that their first encounter would be under the cover of darkness or at least in the low light of candles, he had not anticipated that it would happen with the sun shining through the windows showing every bit and piece of him.

After the awkward ordeal of getting under the covers without revealing anything that might shock his bride, Charles soon settled himself on his side facing her with his head resting on one hand and his bare arm stretched along his side.  He looked lovingly at her and could not help the smile on his face as she sat there with the sheets clenched in her hands at the base of her neck.

“Charles?” Georgiana asked.

Leaning over to give her a kiss on the lips, he settled back in his original position and replied, “Yes, my sweet.”

“Is there a reason why you are not wearing a nightshirt?” she questioned.

Charles blushed and stammered, “Yes…well…I…well…there are a lot of sheets and covers on the bed…and your…gown…I just…I thought if I did not wear my nightshirt…well…it really is not night yet…things can get pretty well tangled up in bed sometimes.”

“Is it your usual practice not to wear one to bed?” she asked.

Shaking his head, he admitted, “No, I usually wear one.”

“Is it because it is our wedding night?”  Looking around her, she amended, “Or rather our wedding afternoon?”

“Georgie, does the fact that I am not wearing a nightshirt bother you?” he queried.

Lowering her head, she shyly shook her head.

He took his finger and traced a line down her arm and asked, “Are you sure?  I will be glad to put one on if it would make you feel more comfortable.”

NO!” she cried and then lowered her voice, “No, I do not mind.  You actually made a good point about getting tangled up in all these sheets.”

“If you are sure,” he said.  “Are you ready to begin?”

She looked up at him, eyes wide, and barely got out, “I think so.  Should I remove my nightgown?”

“Only if you are comfortable doing so.  I do not want you to be uncomfortable or uneasy about our union,” he assured her.

“Would you mind turning around?” she asked shyly.

Charles turned over facing away from her. “Is this better?”

“Yes,” she said as she began pulling up her gown and lifting it up over her head.  She flung it to the foot of the bed and then gathered the sheets up to her chin. “I am ready, now.”

Charles turned back over and moved closer to her.  Placing his arm across her waist over the sheet, he leaned over and kissed her.  The kiss grew in passion as Georgiana turned on her side to face him.  Placing her arms around his neck, she deepened the kiss but still maintained a bit of distance between them.  While she longed to touch his body, she was not sure she was ready to touch his naked body yet.

After a moment, she pushed back and exclaimed, “OH! MY!”

Ever attentive to his wife, Charles placed his hand on her arm. “Georgie, what is wrong?”

“There is something in this bed that poked me,” she said as she began to lift the covers to find out what strange foreign object could have gotten in their marriage bed.

Charles knew exactly what had poked her and quickly prevented her from revealing his very aroused manhood.  “Georgie, I am so sorry, but that was me.”

She looked at him quizzically and exclaimed, “You!”  But soon it dawned on her what exactly it was that had invaded her private space.  With eyebrows raised and eyes wide, she said, “OH!”

Charles rolled on his back and gathered her to him. 

As Georgiana rested her head on his shoulder, she placed her thumb and forefinger on the hem of the sheet and requested, “Can I see it?”

Turning his head to look at her. “It?”

“Yes, the part of you that poked me!” she said.  “I am not familiar with a gentleman’s body, and I do not know the term.”

Charles thought for a moment at what term to use to describe that part of his anatomy and was at a loss as to a term that might be appropriate for an innocent young lady but sadly the only term he could think of was “Penis.”

Georgiana wrinkled her noise.

Thinking some more, he said, “Prick?”

She shook her head, and offered, “Baby Bingley?”

It was Charles’ turn to wrinkle his nose.

“Bing!” she exclaimed.

Thinking for a moment, he said, “Bing, it is.”

Then slowly Georgiana lifted the covers back to reveal Bing.  Her eyes rounded as she announced her first of impression of seeing Bing.  “It is quite large.  Is Fitzwilliam’s that large?”

Bingley chortled at the last question, “Mrs. Bingley, gentlemen are not aware of…well…it is not something…I really do not know.  I would prefer not to discuss Darcy and especially his…when I am about to have conjugal relations with his sister.”

Georgiana grinned at her husband’s discomposure.  But soon her attention was back on Bing.  Moving her forefinger to touch Bing, she startled when it twitched.

With one hand, Charles steadied Bing and with his other on her wrist, he moved her finger to touch his erection.

With astonishment, Georgiana responded, “It is not what I expected; it is so soft.”

Gathering her in his arms, he said, “It is soft so that it will not hurt you when it enters inside of you.”

She smiled and wrapped her arms around him and asked, “Will that be soon?”

Charles just kissed her.  As he deepened the kiss, he rolled her on her back as he pulled the covers back from her so that he could attend to her breasts which he already knew were sensitive to his touch.  Soon he had moved the sheets farther down and began stroking her between her legs.

She involuntarily spread her legs, offering herself to him, moaning his name.

He did not need any more of an invitation to position his body between her legs.  Letting Bing rest at the juncture of her legs, he began to rock backward and forward as he lowered his head to suckle her nipple.

Georgiana was awash with feelings and sensations that she had never felt before, but they were wonderful feelings.  She wanted to feel more, so she said, “Charles, I am ready.”

Lifting up a bit, he reached down and positioned Bing at her opening and with one deep thrust was entirely encased inside of her.  Closing his eyes to relish the feeling of heaven at how tightly she encompassed him, he was brought back to earth at the sound of her whimpering.  Opening his eyes, he saw her face etched in pain and tears rolling down the side of her face.

Fearing the worst, he gathered her to him and apologized, “OH! Georgiana, I am so sorry to have hurt you.  Can you ever forgive me?  My darling I am ever so sorry.”  He held her closely and tried to soothe and comfort her, never thinking to remove Bing to relieve her pain.

Georgiana wanted to tell him everything was all right, but the truth was that it really hurt.  She knew that this was her duty to her husband and that she should suffer through it, praying that it would not be so painful the next time.  His concern touched her, and his soothing words help her relax a little until the pain began to dissipate and the feeling of him filling her turned into a pleasant sensation.

Wondering if there was more to it than just this pleasant feeling, she asked, “Was that all there is to it?”

Charles released his hold on her and looked down at her and sheepishly said, “Well, no.  I have not released my seed in you.  But we can wait and do that another time.  I…” Here he looked down between them and realized that he was still inside her and started to retreat.

“No!” she cried.

Charles froze, confused as to what he should do.

“If we are not finished, we should not stop.  The pain has subsided, and I find the feeling of you inside quite pleasing.”  She gave him a weak smile.

“Are you sure, Georgie, my dear?  I do not want to give you more pain,” he questioned her.

Slowly nodding her head, she responded, “Yes, Charles, I am sure.”

Charles began moving in and out of her slowly, watching her carefully for signs of distress.  Seeing none, he increased his pace until his was nearing his climax.  Closing his eyes, he executed three quick and deep thrusts before releasing his seed within her.

Georgiana lay there watching her husband.  Though the pain was gone, there was still some tenderness, but the feeling of having him so embedded within her overcame the ache.  When he closed his eyes, she could tell that he was receiving pleasure from this and that made her happy.  Maybe this was not so bad after all.  She began to look forward to having Bing within her again.

Resting on wobbly arms, Charles took a few moments to regain his senses before opening his eyes and smiling down on his lovely wife.  When she smiled back at him, he asked, “Are you well, my love?”

“Yes, Charles, I am perfectly fine,” she replied.

Both watched as he withdrew from her.  Both were horrified to see blood on Bing.  Charles quickly jumped off the bed and examined her private area to ascertain if she was still bleeding.  Seeing that she was not, he went to the dresser and dampened several towels.  Returning to the bed, he gently cleansed away the blood on her and himself.  Seeing that someone had thought to put towels in the bed for the occasion, he gathered them up.  Gently placing the sheet back over her, he strode to the door to his chambers.

Georgiana heart was bursting with his kind attention to her.  Added to that, she could not help but feel excitement as she watched her husband’s naked body confidently stride across the room.  She sighed at the thought of her Charles being fearless.

Seeing him return and the sunlight illuminating his entire body, she sat up, letting the sheets drop to her waist, and commented, “My dear, it does not bother you to walk around without any clothing?”

Charles stopped in the middle of the room, lifted his arms, smiled and responded, “Should I be ashamed?”

She smiled. “No!”

Seeing that her husband was proud of his body au naturel, she decided that she would no longer hold onto her inhibitions about nudity.  Pushing the covers back, she eased out of bed and walked on wobbly legs to her husband and asked, “Should I?”

Charles stepped over to her and embraced her. “No, not when you are so beautiful!”

Reaching her arms up and placing them around his neck, she declared, “Mr. Bingley, I love you!”

Pulling her tighter into his arms, he said, “No more than I love you, Mrs. Bingley!”

After several minutes of enjoying the intimacy of their embrace, Charles pushed her shoulders back and then ran his hands down her arms until he had secured her hands.  Stepping back, he began to dance them around the room allowing from them to express the joy they were feeling as well as revel in the trust that they had established between them.  

Georgiana giggled at his antics, and he laughed as her breasts bounced about and Bing bobbed about.  This little jig set the standard for the openness and love they would share with each other during the course of their marriage. 

However, it was not long before Bing was showing his appreciation for the lovely Mrs. Bingley, and she made note of it.

Embarrassed and knowing that it might be too soon, Charles said, “It is fine, my dear, it means nothing but how enticing you are.  If you do not desire another union, it is quite all right.”

Placing her hands on either side of his face, she kissed him and consented, “But I do desire it.”  Taking his hand she led him back to the bed.

It was not long before Bing took up residency within Mrs. Bingley again, and she was definitely enjoying his occupancy.  Afterwards the couple lay languidly in bed stroking and caressing and talking about whatever trivial thing came to mind.

As dusk began to settle over the city, the Bingleys were well engaged in their third joining of the afternoon.  Soon afterward, a knock came at the door to announce dinner was served in Mrs. Bingley’s private sitting room.

The couple was famished from their afternoon exertions and quickly devoured all that was served.  Except when it came to dessert, it was Mrs. Bingley’s favorite, chocolate pudding.  As Mr. Bingley watched his wife savoring the pudding, Bing had a decided reaction to her pleasure.  So it is understandable that the minute they returned to their bed chambers, union number four was swift to commence.  But it was during this union, that the mother lode was hit as Mrs. Bingley experienced her first orgasm.  Needless to say, the couple did not get much rest that night. 

By midday the next day, Charles could not help chuckling at the fact that he once thought four times was a record.  With his wife, it was just a beginning.  Why, it would take the fingers on both his hands to count the number of times he had enjoyed conjugal relations with his wife since their wedding ceremony.


It is not hard to believe that the Bingleys sequestered themselves within their private chambers until they had to prepare for their trip to Pemberley.  The only thing to mar their idyllic bliss was a visit from the bride’s brother a few days after the wedding.

It seems that Mr. Darcy had called at the Bingley townhouse for the past three days to check on the welfare of his sister, only to be turned away with the excuse that Mr. and Mrs. Bingley were not receiving callers.  On the fourth day, he demanded to see his sister. 

Unfortunately for the couple, Mr. Darcy’s timing was not very good.  When Jensen knocked on their chamber door to announced Mr. Darcy’s demand, he had caught them mid-coitus.  Mrs. Bingley was just about to reach an orgasm and Mr. Bingley was urgently trying to make sure she achieved it. 

Continuing to thrust into his wife, Charles growled, “What is it?  I thought I left orders that we were not to be disturbed!”

“I am so sorry, sir,” Jensen apologized.  “But Mr. Darcy is downstairs demanding to see his sister.”

“Bugger!” Bingley spat.  Whether his expressed irritation was because of the interruption or the mention of Darcy’s name as he was copulating with his friend’s sister, it was not determined.  However, the main reason for the curse was that Bing had deflated and Georgiana was not best pleased.

After a quietly held consultation where Bingley thought they should receive Darcy and Georgiana wishing to send him away, they compromised on receiving their visitor in Mrs. Bingley’s private sitting room.  There they could dispatch him quickly and then swiftly return to what they had been doing. After instructing Jensen to escort Mr. Darcy there, the couple rose from the bed as it appeared that nothing would be completed in Bing’s current state.  Wrapping themselves in their dressing gowns, both barefoot, they retired to the sitting room to await Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Darcy entered quite beside himself with worry that all was not right with his sister, but what he found was an extremely angry sister.

“Fitzwilliam, what do you mean interrupting my marital felicity?  Do you not have your own wedding to attend to?” She stood arms akimbo and glared at her brother.

“Georgiana!” he exclaimed at her obviously cold greeting.  “I was worried about you.  We have not seen nor heard from you since the wedding breakfast.”

“As you can see, I am perfectly fine.  Actually I am excellent.  So you can be on your way now.” She gave him a pointed look and waved her hand as to shoo him away.

“You look well,” he ventured, surprised at her hostility.  What had happened to his shy and timid sister?  She was like a tigress protecting her cub.  Then he looked over to Bingley who was grinning sheepishly and then back at his sister.  Maybe she was.  Bingley evidently brought out a protective streak in the Darcy family.

“Yes, and I am perfectly happy.  I have a kind, considerate, attentive, and extremely handsome husband.  I just could not be better,” she smiled sweetly at her husband.

Bingley moved to stand beside his wife and offered, “Yes, Darcy, your stunning sister is more that I could ever have expected and I believe we are well-suited.”

Darcy narrowed his eyes at Bingley.  Then it struck him that both were in their dressing gowns and their feet were bare.

“Georgiana!” he cried.  “Why are you not dressed yet, it is one o’clock in the afternoon?”

Giving her brother another pointed look, she said, “When you are married, you will know the answer to that question.”

Realizing exactly what he had interrupted; Darcy lowered his eyes to the floor and murmured, “Maybe I should be going.”

Georgiana walked to the door of the sitting room and replied, “Yes, I think that would be best.” She then opened the door.

Darcy turned to go, but Georgiana stopped him at the door and leaned up to kiss his cheek.  She spoke quietly, “Truly, Fitzwilliam, I am well and very, very happy.”

Leaning over, he kissed her cheek, “So I can see.  I am happy for you.”

As Darcy took a step to leave, Georgiana placed her hand on his arm and warned, “Fitzwilliam, I trust we will not see you again until we arrive at Pemberley in two weeks.”

Darcy laughed and promised, “Yes, you can be assured of that.”

Closing the door behind her brother, she turned and smiled at her husband.

Charles pulled the tie on his gown and opened it wide, “Bing’s back!”  Watching his wife stand up to her intimidating brother had been quite arousing.

She set off running to the bed chamber with her husband close behind her.





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