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Chapter 30


When Darcy and Fitzwilliam returned from seeing George Wickham off on his voyage to hell, Darcy related to Elizabeth all the particulars of what they had done about Wickham. 

Elizabeth’s relief of being rid of Mr. Wickham was palpable.  She immediately flung herself at Darcy expressing her most heartfelt thanks.  While she knew that she should feel guilty for being the catalyst for someone to receive such a punishment, that guilt would not come as it was Mr. Wickham who received the sentence.  In her view, he had been given a just reward for his actions not only to her sister but to all the other people he had harmed.

Also bolstering her spirits was the fact that she soon would be wed to the man she loved with every fiber of her being.  Her initial reluctance to the intimate side of her upcoming marriage had been overcome by Lady Suzan’s talks on how wonderful that part of marital duties can be.  Also adding to her happiness was the tender and affectionate nature her future husband had shown her.  She had glimpsed that side of him when they were just friends but with their engagement it became more pronounced.  In addition to his tender side, she was able to discern his passionate side.  His extremely passionate nature was displayed frequently much to his chagrin and her amusement. 

Not quite two weeks after the wedding of Mr. Bingley and Miss Darcy, Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet departed London for Pemberley, Mr. Darcy ancestral estate in Derbyshire.  Accompanying the happy and impatient couple were Lady Suzan and General Fitzwilliam.  Following in the coach behind them was Elizabeth’s Aunt and Uncle Gardiner, who had declared that nothing would stand in their way of seeing their niece happily situated.

The plan was they would be wed in the small chapel on Pemberley’s grounds the day after Mr. and Mrs. Bingley arrived, which was to be within a week of their own arrival.

Mr. Darcy had been extremely busy since securing Miss Bennet’s hand in marriage.  He had assured his future wife she had nothing to fear from Mr. Wickham ever again.  He had witnessed his beloved sister joined in matrimony to his closest friend.  He had procured a special license.  And he crafted a rather unique settlement which delighted his betrothed to no end.

The day after Darcy and Elizabeth arrived at Pemberley was spent introducing Elizabeth to the servants and giving her a tour of the house and grounds.  It was also the first time that they had been able to spend an entire day together.  This fact also meant they had more time to find those moments to steal a kiss or a caress. 

Elizabeth’s initial hesitance and reluctance regarding the physical part of their relationship had concerned Darcy.  That concern was lessened as the time of their wedding drew near.  Her responses to his overtures were now met with such eagerness and passion, so much so that he felt they were indeed well-matched in all aspects of their future life together.

Late one night, after the house had gone to bed, Darcy stood in the doorway that led to the small terrace off the master’s chambers.  He was restless and frustrated.  It was one thing while they were still in London and living in separate houses, but now she was at Pemberley and not thirty yards from him.  It would be so easy to sneak into her room.  NO! You promised yourself that you would wait until you are married.  It is only a few days until the wedding and then she will be here in my bed. He looked over to his bed and imagined her naked, inviting him to join her.

Damn! He felt the erection he had fought all day.  Oh! What the hell!  Pulling his night shirt over his head, he flung it across the room.  Grabbing his manhood, he began stroking it with the violence of all his pent-up frustrations.  I hate masturbating.  It was not long before he found his release though little good it did as his frustrations were still there.

Turning away from the door, he went to his bed and climbed on top of it.  Lying on his back, he closed his eyes trying to catch the ever elusive sleep.  But his mind was too agitated and before long his thoughts returned to his bride-to-be asleep just down the corridor as his body reacted again to such an inducement. 

With a groan, his reached down to find his erection tender from the rough treatment he had given it earlier.  Placing a pillow over his mid-section, he rolled on his stomach and began pumping into the pillow until he found his release and the exhaustion to finally fall asleep.      

Charles and Georgiana Bingley were delayed in starting out on their journey to Pemberley.  Apparently the couple had lost track of time.  It was understandable as they had not left their bed since their wedding, and their days and nights had run together for them.

One day after their scheduled departure, the Bingleys were finally on the road to Derbyshire.  Unfortunately, they had gotten a late start that day due to Bing’s urgent desire for attention. 

After five hours in the carriage, they reached a coaching inn just past the outskirts of London.  While the horses were being tended, the Bingleys had gone into the inn for some refreshments.   Asking for a private dining room, they were told that there were none available.  Disappointed, Mrs. Bingley turned to her husband and placed her hand on his crotch. 

A startled Mr. Bingley looked at his wife, his eyes wide.

Feeling she achieved her desired result, Mrs. Bingley leaned in as she fondled her husband’s now aroused private parts and quietly said, “Charles, I am ever so tired of riding in that coach.  Could we not spend the night here?”

“But, Georgiana, it is not even 3 o’clock in the afternoon,” he replied.  He was more than willing to accede to his wife’s wishes, but Darcy was waiting for them and they were already behind schedule.

Giving him her best doe-eyed expression, Bingley gave in.

He turned his wife around.  Being careful that Bing remained hidden behind her skirts, he marched her over to the proprietor of the inn and asked for a room for the night.

The proprietor gave him an odd look but proceeded to show the couple to his best suite of rooms.

Bingley asked the man to inform his coachman that they would be staying the night and to have their trunks delivered to the room.

The proprietor had no sooner closed the door to the room when Georgiana unbuttoned her husband’s breeches and had pushed them halfway down his thighs.

“Georgiana, they will be here shortly with the trunks!” he cried.

Turning around, she bent over and flipped her skirts up and over her buttocks to reveal her bare behind.  Looking over her shoulder, she remarked, “We have time.”

Smiling he shook his head as he stepped up to his wife and thrust deeply into her warm moist core.  Holding her by her hips, he continued his thrusting until he heard her cry out when she reached her climax.  It was not long afterward until he reached his.

As they stood panting from their exertions, there came a knock on the door signaling their trunks had arrived. 

Georgiana stood up straight and let her skirts fall to the ground and then turned to help her husband button his breeches. 

After getting the trunks situated and ordering a light supper be served in their sitting room, Georgiana and Bingley undressed and went to lie down on the bed while they waited for their supper to be delivered.  Of course, one thing led to another and soon Bing was firmly inside Mrs. Bingley when a knock on the door to the adjoining sitting room was heard announcing that their supper was served. 

Thanking whoever had delivered their meal and then dismissing them, Mr. Bingley’s attention was returned to his wife.  It was fortunate they had ordered a cold supper for it was thirty minutes later when they were able to attend to their meal.

Georgiana tended to be an early riser, but Charles was not.  As with all newly married couples, compromises are essential to maintaining a healthy, loving relationship.  So it was with Georgiana and Charles.  Georgiana would awaken at her normal time and then set about slowly waking her husband giving him some extra time for sleeping.  She would start by lightly running her hand up and down his chest, occasionally touching his nipple with her finger.  When she tired of that, she would work her way down to his manhood.  Taking her time to caress and gently squeeze his balls, she would then move on to Bing.  Lovingly, she wrapped her hand around Bing, stroking up and down until it became firm.  When she sensed that Charles was beginning to wake up, she would climb astride him, encasing his erection within her.  She loved the feeling of being filled by him and was content to sit still for quite a while gazing at her husband’s beautiful face.  He had such a pleasant mien; he even smiled when he was asleep.

Bingley would awake each morning thanking the powers that be for finding his morning erection firmly embedded in his beautiful, loving wife.  He could not imagine a better way to start a day than returning pleasure to his wife who was so generous in giving so much to him.

After completing their morning ritual, Georgiana lay in Charles’ arms while she tried to coax another erection.

Laughing, Charles asked, “My dear, sweet wife, do you think we have time?  After all, it is getting late, and we should already be on the road.”

Kissing her husband, Georgiana said, “I hope we always have time to love one another.”

Bingley rolled her on her back and then he rolled on top of her.  “Or we will make time,” was his response.

The sun had been up a good three hours before Mr. and Mrs. Bingley boarded their carriage and were en route to Derbyshire.  An express rider had just left for that same destination carrying a letter to Mr. Darcy stating that there had been a delay and to expect the Bingleys in two days time.

In penning the missive to his friend, Mr. Bingley had deliberately not given a reason for their tardiness.  How do you tell your brother-in-law that copulating with his sister was more important than Darcy’s wedding?

On the morning that the Bingley’s were scheduled to arrive found Mr. Darcy in better spirits than his guests or his bride-to-be had seen him in since their arrival at Pemberley. 

Miss Bennet spirits were buoyant as well since tomorrow would be her wedding day.  After spending the last few days with her husband-to-be, any nervousness she might have felt was dispelled by her eager anticipation of the event.

As the day wore on, their high spirits began to flag when the Bingleys had yet to arrive.  By nightfall, everyone was concerned about the welfare of the awaited couple.  As bedtime neared, their concern turned to worry and everyone retired with prayers that Mr. and Mrs. Bingley were safe and sound.

The next morning found the breakfast room at Pemberley full of somber and worried faces.  As each person quietly ate their breakfast, no one was willing to discuss what was on their minds or anything else, for that matter. 

As the morning wore on, panic began to envelope the inhabitants of Pemberley as thoughts of where are the Bingleys?  Why have we not heard from them? Please do not let any harm come to them!

Darcy had reached the end of his patience and the need to find out what had happened to his beloved sister consumed him.  Proclaiming that he could no longer sit and do nothing, he asked for Fitzwilliam’s and Mr. Gardiner’s help in organizing a search party.

As the gentlemen stood, the butler entered the drawing room where they had all gathered and announced that an express had just been delivered.

Recognizing Bingley’s handwriting on the letter resting on the silver salver, Darcy quickly grabbed it and tore it open.  Five anxious faces watched him silently read the missive.

“Two days! They have been delayed and will not be here until two days from now!” Darcy exclaimed.

Lady Suzan asked, “What has delayed them?”

Darcy scanned the letter and replied, “He does not say; only that they have been delayed but they are well.”

A collective sigh of relief was heard throughout the room.  For Darcy and Elizabeth, relief was soon overcome with disappointment as they realized that their wedding would be delayed.

Not being able to look at the disappointment on Elizabeth’s face, Darcy made the excuse of informing the parson of the change in plans and left the room.

As everyone expressed their relief that everything was well, talk soon returned to more mundane topics.

Elizabeth felt the need to be with Darcy and quietly excused herself to go in search of him.  She quickly found him seated at his desk in his study, his elbows on the desktop and his head in his hands looking quite dejected.

Silently closing the door behind her, she softly called his name.

Startled, he looked up to see her standing by the door.  Rising from his chair, he walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her.  Pulling her closer to him, he whispered, “Elizabeth, I am so sorry.”

Putting her arms around his waist, she said, “Shhh! It is not your fault.”

“If it was anyone other than Georgiana…” he paused,

“I know,” she cooed as she reached up to pull his head down so she could kiss his lips.

The kiss quickly ignited as the fear and anxiety of the morning was replaced with desire and passion.  As his ardor rose, so did his boldness as he found his thumbs gently caressing the sides of her breasts.  When he heard her moan of approval for his actions, he added his forefinger to his thumb and began to softly pinch her nipples.

Elizabeth’s response was to lower her hand.  Using her forefinger, she began to outline the bulge in his trousers.

At her touch, he knew the limit of his control had been breached, and he needed to leave before he took her virtue from her.  His first time with her was not going to be on the floor of his study.  Lightly grasping her upper arms, he pushed her away from him.

Looking up at him confused, she asked, “Did I do something wrong?”

Seeing her confusion turn to hurt, he replied, “No, Elizabeth, you did nothing wrong.  It is…It is…just…I cannot…” Realizing the need to be away, he gave her a peck on the cheek and released her arms.  Turning, he hurriedly left the study.

Reaching the corridor, he went to a nearby door which led to the outside.  With long, loping strides, he headed towards the woods just across the lawn.

323824236_1a8db790a9There was a small pond not too far from the house. Hardly anyone knew about it, and no one ever went there, except him.  He quickly found the path that lead to the glen where the pond was located.

Upon reaching his destination, he shed his clothing and walked into the water to cool himself and attend to his most pressing matter.  Water always had a soothing effect on him and he waded through the water until he was chest deep, letting the sun-warmed waters act as a balm to his soul.

Closing his eyes, he relived the feeling of Elizabeth touching him while he stroked himself.  He could not help the moans of pleasure that escaped from him as he imagined himself entering her. 

“You are not hurt, are you?” a feminine voice suddenly invaded his solitude.

Opening his eyes, he flushed as he saw Elizabeth standing on the bank smiling at him.

“Elizabeth, you must go back to the house at once!” he exclaimed.

Elizabeth sat on the grassy bank and began to remove her shoes and stockings, “Why?”

“Elizabeth, you should not be here!” he said, embarrassed that he had been caught…again.

“And why not?” She stood and removed her arms from the sleeves of her gown and let the gown drop to the ground.

“Because…” was all he could get out as the sight before him rendered him deaf, dumb, and mute.  Darcy watched as she continued to remove her clothing.  Speechless, he savored the vision of her nude body being revealed to him.  He could think of no reason at the moment for her to leave.  The fact of the matter was that he wanted her to join him.

With the last of her clothing lying on the ground, she stood before him naked.  She was the most beautiful creature he had ever beheld.  Her bosom was more bountiful than he remembered; her slim waist and flat stomach were enhanced by her curvaceous hips and full buttocks.

“Will you not join me on the bank, sir?” she asked.  “I would like to see my future husband in all his glory.”

Standing there mesmerized by the siren before him, he just continued to stare.

“Maybe you need help!” she stated as she began to gingerly test the water, making sure it was warm enough before she waded in.

His body was well beyond his control at this point and his ejaculation caused a disturbance in the smooth plane of the water. Bloody… Why had his body failed him when he was so close to reaching his heart’s desire?  But she was still walking toward him, and he could not take his eyes off her breasts that were floating and bobbing in the water. 

Stopping within a foot of him, she stated, “It is time we remove this tension that exists between us.”

Lowering, his head, he said “Elizabeth, I cannot oblige.  There are only two more days until our wedding.  I can wait.”

“But I cannot, William. Today was to be our wedding day.  We would be married right now if things had happened differently.  Therefore, I see no reason to wait any longer.”

She reached out to touch his erection to find it had diminished.  “What happened?”

Sheepishly and quite embarrassed, he admitted, “Seeing your gorgeous body was too much for me and well…I…it seems…”

“That your anticipation got the best of you,” she said, crestfallen by this turn of events.

He nodded.  Reaching out he pulled her into his embrace, “Elizabeth, I am so sorry.”

“I am too,” she sniffed.

In seeking comfort for her disappointment, Elizabeth pressed her bare bosom into Darcy’s bare chest.  It did not take long for their desires to be reignited.  She could not help the grin on her face as she felt his manly appendage grow and harden as he pressed and rubbed it against her stomach.

Darcy had a grin on his face that matched Elizabeth’s.  How does she arouse me so swiftly?  Why it has not been more than ten minutes ago that I went flaccid and now I am as hard as a rock.  He was well aware of his sexual stamina.  Whenever he had allowed himself the pleasures of Madame Dupree’s, he always made sure he performed two or three times during an evening.  But he had to wait at least an hour between each performance.  But now his future wife had coaxed another erection in the span of a few minutes.  He was going to be blessed in this marriage and all the trials and tribulations that he had endured to get to this point were well worth it.

As they continued to kiss and caress and explore, the time soon came when the need to consummate was too great to ignore.  With Elizabeth’s arms wrapped around his neck, he reached down and lifted her thighs so that her legs wrapped around his waist.  The buoyancy of the water left his hands free for more pleasurable tasks, one being to ensure that she was ready for him to enter her.  Reaching his hand around her, he slid a finger into her depths. 

She opened her eyes in astonishment at the sensation.  As he slipped another finger in to join the first one, she closed her eyes to relish the pleasure that he was evoking within her.

“Elizabeth, are you sure you want to go through with this?  Is it only a few days until our wedding,” he asked.  He prayed she would say yes, after all she was the one to initiate this, but he knew she should have the opportunity to change her mind if she had any doubts.

She opened her eyes and stated with firm conviction, “There is nothing more in this world I want than to feel you inside me.  I do not want to wait any longer.  Please, William, make me your wife in the truest sense,” she pleaded.

Darcy needed no more encouragement, for he was as anxious as she.  Taking hold of her waist, he lifted her up to position her on his manhood.  Slowly he lowered her onto him until he felt the resistance of her maidenhead. 

“Elizabeth, this is going to hurt you.  But once I have broken through, I will remain inside of you until you have adjusted.  If it becomes too painful, let me know and I will removed myself,” he directed.

He took hold of her waist and thrust deeply within her. Seeing the wince of pain on her face caused him to stop.

“Are you well, Elizabeth?” he asked concerned that he had hurt her more that what was normal.

Giving him a weak smile, she nodded.  The pain had not been as great as she had expected but still there was pain and she was unsure if she could go on.  Taking several deep breaths to gain her senses, she relaxed enough to feel the wonder of having the man she loved with all her heart such a part of her.  Pain or not she was going to finish this for his sake. After a few moments, she nodded again and said, “I am ready to continue.”

Darcy lifted her up and then lowered her back onto him in a slow glissade.  Studying her features carefully for further signs of pain, he began to gradually increase their pace.  Once he was satisfied that she was not suffering, he stopped his glissade and held her waist tightly as he thrust into her gaining speed and depth as his need increased, constantly gauging her mien for signs that she was only enduring this for him.  Her face continued to wear a concentrated look but with no signs that this increased pace was hurting her.  Feeling his release nearing, he reached down to her folds and found the nub that would make her forget that there was ever any pain. 

As he began to move within her, Elizabeth was relieved that the initial pain had subsided.  She concentrated on the feeling of her lover inside her, lovingly caressing that most inner part of her.  She felt an intimacy with him that she had never experienced before with any other being; he was hers now and forever.  And she was his forevermore; no one would come before him or after him, he was the center of her world. Ever more so as he began to stroke that area where they were joined together.  What joy! What bliss! Never had she felt such happiness.

Finally, Darcy emptied himself inside of her.  He had not planned to do so since they were not yet married but he could not leave her – not now, not ever.  If he could stay within her this way for the rest of his life, he would need nothing further. Clutching her closely to him, he stated, “Oh, G-d! Lizzy! How I love you!”

Leaning back enough to look him in the eye, she declared, “No more than I love you, Will.”

They stood in the middle of the pond clinging to each other as if they life depended on it.  In a way, it did.  They were now joined together as husband and wife with or without the formal ceremony.   It was an intimate moment that neither wished to end for it symbolized that all they had endured in the past was now put to rest and their future had begun.

With regret, Darcy’s rational side took control. “Let us go dry off.  We need to return to the house as it will soon be tea time,” he said as he began to walk through the water to the bank with Elizabeth still clinging to him. 

Once they reached the grassy bank, he deposited Elizabeth on the ground.  Then he took her hand and led her to a sunny area of the grass so that the warmth of the sun would dry them quickly.  Lying down on the ground with the sun shining on his entire body, he placed his hands behind his head as he stretched his naked body out.  Looking up at his new lover, he noticed her staring intently at his mid section.  Arching an eyebrow, he asked, “Do you see anything that interests you?”

“Yes. Yes, I do,” she said as she knelt beside him and began a thorough examination of his limp penis. 

Darcy closed his eyes as he enjoyed her explorations.  She was fearless and not ashamed at all by their state of nudity.  Her curiosity knew no bounds.  He was truly blessed and his life with her promised to be more than he could ever have hoped or imagined.  That is until he felt the stirrings of yet another arousal.

We may have made a mistake in anticipating our wedding vows.  She has already excited three erections and two climaxes from me in less than two hours, how are we ever going to make it to our wedding day without having intercourse every hour of the day?  Just the sight of her would send my body into a heighten state of arousal. And we still have a few days before we can wed.

Elizabeth could not believe he would let her explore his body in such a way, but she rejoiced in the fact that it showed his absolute trust in her.  He seemed so relaxed and appeared to be enjoying her examination of his private parts.  While she was slightly uncomfortable with her naked body being exposed in the outdoors, she admitted that it should not matter as he had already seen her nude.  If he did not seem uncomfortable being nude in front of her, then she should just follow his lead.  Elizabeth was thankful for it because she was curious, extremely curious, about his body.  Lady Suzan had given her detailed instructions to the male and female body, but this was the first time she was able to see the male body for herself.  Her husband-to-be was a beautiful man. And she found his manly parts quite intriguing as she lifted and caressed and squeezed (gently, of course).  Alarm caused her to gasp as she realized that it was swelling and growing and becoming quite firm. 

Once the transformation seemed complete, she asked, “That is not what was inside me, is it?”

Opening his eyes and lifting his head, he gazed down at his fully erect manhood.  With the biggest smile, he stated, “Yes.”

“No, it is not possible.  Is this why there was such pain in the beginning?” she asked.

Sitting up, he realized that he needed to assure her that all was well.  “Elizabeth, yes, this part of me is what was inside you. However, the pain you experienced was from the breaking of your maidenhead, proof you were a virgin.  Did you have more pain after I broke through it?”

She shook her head, “Only a little residual soreness but toward the end it was gone.”

“Good.  Then I fit inside quite comfortably,” he grinned at her as he rolled her on her back and placed himself on top of her.

Her eyes widened at his maneuver, “Are you going to enter me again?”

“Only if you wish it.  If you are sore or still feel any pain, then it is best not to proceed further.” He was concerned that she was not ready but he was ready – more than ready – but he was not going to hurt her.

She looked up into his eyes and saw his need.  Yes, she was a bit sore but there was no more pain.  She would endure anything to make him happy.  With a hesitant nod, she said, “I am fine.” 

Reaching between them, he moved his hand down to check that she was ready to receive him.  She was not.  Moving his body off her, he leaned down to kiss her.  He needed to build her arousal before he could proceed.  Besides with everything happening so quickly the first time, he did not have a chance to savor her luscious breasts but now he was going to take every opportunity to do so.

As he began to fondle her breasts, she was stymied as to why he had not inserted himself into her. “William, I thought we were…” A finger on her lips silenced her.

“All in good time, my love, all in good time,” was his response. 

She was very responsive to his fingers and mouth attending her nipples so much so that he had to clamp his hand on her mouth lest she summon the whole of Pemberley to their secluded location.  And that would not do as he was planning to take his time with his seduction. 

It was not long before her pleas for him to enter her were spoken.  Testing her arousal, he determined that she was more than ready for him.  Pushing her legs further apart, he settled himself between them with the tip of his erection resting at the mouth of her inner core.

Seeing that he had positioned himself, she begged, “Please.”

Slowly he entered her, taking his time so that she could adjust to him.  Once he was fully inside her, he stilled to let her accommodate him.  She was very tight around him, and he found it difficult to wait but wait he did.  He knew he was filling her almost to her limit and he needed to be careful with her until her body adjusted to his size.

Gazing on her face, it showed a serene and content expression but just to be safe he inquired, “Elizabeth, are you in any pain?”

Opening her eyes, she said, “No, I am so far away from pain that I did not know I could feel such bliss.”

Seeing that she was not experiencing any discomfort, he slowly began to slide in and out of her.  She placed her hands on his buttocks trying to coax a faster pace from him and he was willing to oblige.  Faster and harder and deeper he went with each thrust and soon both of them were fulfilled beyond their wildest imagination.






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