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Chapter 31


After the household had gone to bed, Darcy lay in bed reliving the events at the pond.  He had always imagined that their first time would be in his bed, but their first and second time was beyond anything he could ever have imagined.  It was perfect.  She came and offered herself to him.  He would never receive a more heart-felt gift.

While their afternoon had relieved the sexual tension between them, it had also awakened in him a voracious appetite for such an activity.  Glancing down his body, he witnessed the truth of that fact.  Looking over to the side of the bed where she would be lying a couple of nights from now, he realized that he could not wait that long. 

Climbing from his bed, he removed his nightshirt and donned his dressing gown.  After he put his feet in his slippers, he lit a candle and went to a panel in his bed chamber wall.  Releasing the latch, he opened the hidden door and slipped into the dark passageway.  Navigating the labyrinth of narrow hallways, he found the secret door into Elizabeth’s room.  Placing his hand on the handle to the door, he blew out the candle and silently opened it.  Stepping inside, he was arrested by a sight that took his breath away.  Standing there in front of the window was Elizabeth, naked, bathed in silvery moonlight.  Darcy slid his dressing gown from shoulders and his feet from his slippers.  Silently padding his way to her, he slipped his arms around her to fondle her breasts.

Lost in memories of their afternoon at the pond, Elizabeth had not heard his approach and startled when he embraced her. 

“Elizabeth, you are a vision to behold,” he whispered in her ear.

Leaning back and feeling his bare chest against her bare back, she said, “I was hoping you would come to me tonight.”

“After this afternoon, I found I could not stay away,” was his reply. 

Placing his hand on her back, he gently pushed her forward, whispering, “Place your hands on the window still.”

Doing as he asked, she wondered what he was going to do when she felt him pushing her legs apart.  Then he reached around her to finger her folds.  She emitted a low moan at the feelings of pleasure he was evoking.

“Forgive me for what I am about to do, but I can wait no longer,” he growled as he plunged deep inside her.

Darcy’s animal instinct was at its height as he wildly pounded into her.

At first, Elizabeth was scared of what he would do.  But he had always been gentle and kind with her.  She trusted him. So when she realized that she had made him lose his vaulted control, her fear was alleviated when her enjoyment of the sensations he was producing within her allowed her to understand the wild need to copulate.  It was a thrilling, exhilarating feeling to have him lose his senses with her.

Darcy’s senses were not lost, only honed in on the one part of his body that was one with the woman he loved most in this world.  He could not stop himself as he wanted to go deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster until they were joined completely together into one being.  Having enjoyed his sexual experiences in the past, those could not compare with making love to his Elizabeth.

For the first time in his life, he reached his climax but not his release.  It was a surprising experience for him but an exhausting one.  Realizing that his legs were giving out, he grabbed her around the waist and turned around to sit on the window seat with her still impaled upon him. As she sat in his lap with her legs hanging on the outside of his, he kept stoking the inside of her legs from mid-thigh up to where they were joined.  It was meant to be a soothing motion to help him recover.

But for Elizabeth, it was just adding to her arousal.  Never had she felt such powerful emotions and feelings as he had just produced in her.  Her heart was still racing as she labored to regain her equilibrium, and his touches only kept adding to those feelings.  She leaned back on him and laid her head on his shoulder until her breathing began to return to a normal rhythm.

“Lizzy, I am so sorry if I hurt you. I did not mean to lose my control that way,” he panted in her ear.

Turning her head towards him, she placed a kiss on his cheek, “I am not hurt. I like how I can make you lose control.  I have never felt so…so…trusted or loved,” she assured him.

“Nevertheless, I will try never to do it again,” he promised.

“I will not hold you to that as I expect you to do it again.  I encourage you to do it again.  Nothing would make me happier than for you to do it again,” she stated.

Laughing, he wrapped his arms around her mid section and held her close, “I will keep that in mind the next time I find myself losing control.”

As Elizabeth languidly lay upon Darcy, she realized that something was different from earlier that day.  She could feel that he was still hard and firm; she could feel his manhood throbbing inside her.  “My love, are we not finished?” she asked.

“I will never be finished with you, my darling wife,” he whispered in his ear.

Grinning, she stated, “I am not yet your wife.”

“You became my wife this afternoon, Lizzy,” he proclaimed.  “Shall we retire to our bed?”

At Elizabeth’s nod, he grasped her around her waist and stood.  While she hung limply, like a rag doll, from him, he walked over to the bed.  Lifting her up and placing her on the bed, he then climbed on top of her and entered her again.

They lay on the bed staring lovingly into each other’s eyes as he sought his release.  Once he accomplished it, he held her tightly to him as he rolled on his back, taking her with him resting her soft body atop him.  Once he laid his head on the pillow, he was sound asleep.  The previous nights filled with frustration, restlessness, and worry had left Mr. Darcy exhausted.

Elizabeth was astonished that he had fallen asleep so quickly.  But she had had an eventful day and was exhausted.  Reaching down she pulled the covers over their still joined bodies, damp with perspiration, to prevent the night chill from doing them harm. Laying her head on his shoulder, she joined him in slumber.


The next morning Elizabeth was awaken by footsteps and voices in the corridor outside her bed chamber.  Though the voices were muffled, she thought she heard someone say that Mr. Darcy was missing.  Immediately she sat up in bed, thinking the worst when an arm snaked out from under the covers and gently pushed her to lie back down.  Smiling, she looked over to see that indeed Mr. Darcy was not missing as he was here in her bed.

Darcy leaned over and gave her a most passionate kiss before moving his hand down to fondle the area between her legs.  Seeing that she was ready to receive him, he positioned himself in such a manner as to make his intentions known.  No, Mr. Darcy was not missing; he knew exactly where he was and where he was going.

After a rollicking roll between the sheets, Mr. Darcy leaned over to kiss the future Mrs. Darcy and informed her, “This is how I have always wanted to greet the day, Elizabeth.  From today forward, I expect this to become our morning ritual.”

“Does this mean from today forward, I will not be sleeping alone?” she asked as she arched an eyebrow.

Grinning, he replied, “Yes, you would be correct.” 

Leaning over he kissed her one more time before alighting from the bed to make his way back to his chambers.

Elizabeth, resting on her elbows, smiled at the view of her naked Mr. Darcy as he searched the room for his slippers and dressing gown.

When he had made himself presentable, he opened the panel door.  Giving her a smile and a wink, he disappeared into the hidden passages of Pemberley House.


The next day, the Bingleys finally arrived at Pemberley.  Once greetings were given, the couple was ushered into the house for refreshments and to catch up on all the latest news.  Except for Darcy, none of the others had seen Georgiana since her wedding day and they were curious as to how she was doing.

After about an hour, Darcy was still curious why they had been delayed and requested Bingley to join him in his study to get to the bottom of why his wedding had been postponed.

At Darcy’s request, both Georgiana and Bingley looked at each other with their eyes wide.  They forgot to come up with a plausible reason why a normal two day journey had taken them over four days.  They had meant to discuss it in the carriage but the minute the carriage was on the road, the swaying and rolling motion had put them to sleep.  It was not surprising as they had been up all night indulging in their marital duties.  Of course, in the mornings, they had been adamant about partaking in their morning exercise which left them somewhat exhausted.  By the late afternoon, they awoke refreshed and ready to stop for the night and enjoy their connubial bliss.

Bingley followed Darcy out of the drawing room as if he was a man headed to the gallows.  He had no idea how he was going to explain to Darcy that he could not keep Bing out of his adored sister long enough to ensure that they would make it to Pemberley in a timely manner.  No brother would want to hear that his own sister would initiate carnal relations at the expense of her brother’s happiness.  Bingley had quite a dilemma on his hands.

When they reached the study, Darcy offered Bingley a glass of brandy which was declined before getting to the topic he most wanted to discuss, just what was so important that his wedding had to be postponed.

“Bingley, I am glad to see you and Georgiana have made it safely but what took you so long?” he asked in a manner that required an honest answer.

Bingley hemmed and hawed and shuffled his feet before offering, “Yes, well…you see, Darcy…”

“We are late in arriving because I was indisposed and traveling was uncomfortable for me,” a feminine voice answered.

Both men turned to see Georgiana walking toward them.  

Georgiana looked at her husband and then her brother with a look that prevented them from challenging her statement.

Bingley let out a sigh of relief.  Though he did not know exactly what indisposed meant, he did know it was something a gentleman never questioned.  He had two sisters and he knew that when one of them announced an indisposition that the whole house was turned topsy turvy.

Darcy looked at his sister and nodded.  Darcy was no stranger to the term indisposed; he was, after all, her guardian and fully aware of those times during the month when his sister was not quite herself.

Giving his brother-in-law a sympathetic smile, Darcy said, “Yes…well…Nature cannot be changed.  Why do we not join the others?”

Later that afternoon as the Bingleys were ‘resting’, Charles asked his wife, “Georgie, what exactly does ‘indisposed’ mean?”

Giving him a shocked look, she countered, “With two sisters, Charles, I would have thought you would know.”

“Yes, but all I really know is when Caroline announces that she is indisposed, she takes to her bed for a week and has all the servants at her beck and call.”

Georgiana laughed as she imagined her sister-in-law sitting in bed ordering the servants around.  Then she sobered as she realized that soon she would be truly ‘indisposed’ and the implications that would have on her current marital felicity.

Climbing out of bed, she hastily put on her dressing gown.  Walking back to the bed, she kissed her husband before saying, “Charles, I will be happy to explain all to you but I need to speak with my aunt first.”

Leaving her confused husband, she sought out her Aunt Suzan.

Thirty minutes later, she returned to find her husband still naked and still in bed.  Removing her dressing gown, she climbed in bed to join him. 

Leaning over, Mr. Bingley kissed his wife while he fondled her breasts, then asked, “Will you now share with me the secrets of womanhood?”

She chuckled as she explained to her appalled husband what nature does to women and what he was to expect from her in the future.

When she finished, he said, “Well that explains Darcy’s acceptance of why we were late.  You are such an ingenious wife.  You make me proud.”


As the Bingley’s were resting, Mr. Darcy was sitting in his study.  His thoughts went to his sister and her husband and the reason for the cause of the delay.  He felt a twinge of pity for poor Bingley, but just a twinge.  His own wedding had been delayed, and he was not happy about it.

Then his thoughts turned to his beloved wife; Elizabeth was now truly his wife in every sense of the word, thanks to their own private wedding and the nights that followed.  He, therefore, found it easy to forgive the Bingleys for their tardiness.  Tomorrow will only make official what has already come to pass.

He felt his member harden at the thoughts of the private times he and Elizabeth had spent together since their first joining.  Looking down at his lap, he smiled at the protrusion in the trousers that was evidence of those musings.  It seems you will not have to behave yourself any longer, your new mistress will see to that.

A soft knock was heard on the door of the study, Darcy scooted his chair up to his desk to conceal his misbehaving member, and called out, “Enter!”

Elizabeth opened the door and asked, “May I come in?”

Darcy immediately rose.  With a big grin on his face, he responded, “Of course, you are always welcome here.”

Eyeing the bulge in his trousers, she closed and bolted the door. “I see you have anticipated me.”  Grinning, she bent down and lifted her skirts to her waist.

Darcy walked around his desk and unbuttoning his trousers, he replied, “Madam, I am always at the ready to meet your every need.”

When they met halfway between the door and the desk, Darcy reached around her to grasp her buttocks and lift her up.  Elizabeth willingly put her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.

As he lowered her onto his misbehaving member, he thought, Yes, our mistress will be most demanding.  Are not we the lucky ones?


On a bright, sunny morning in late June, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Miss Elizabeth Bennet were finally able to exchange their wedding vows in the chapel on Pemberley’s grounds.

After a lavish wedding breakfast, the newlywed couple wished their family farewell as they retired to the Master’s chambers for a two-week stay.


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