Glory Comes to Dinner  



From Their Glory Continues Part VI – An Intruder:

Little did each man know that Elizabeth had devised her own punishment for their imprudent discussion about her marital felicity!  She still had an audacious gown that her mother had purchased as part of her trousseau and she planned to wear it tonight.  And did her husband not always praise her on having mastered the art of polite conversation?  Yes, after dinner those two will think again about speaking about her in such bawdy terms.  She hoped that the Colonel had his lady friend on retainer as she expected him to make a return visit to her after dinner.  And as for her husband, she would welcome his attentions but only after watching him squirm a bit.  As she anticipated an early evening tonight, she knew he would not suffer too grievously.

Below is a true and faithful narrative of what transpired at dinner with the Darcys that evening.

When Mr. and Mrs. Darcy bid farewell to Colonel Fitzwilliam for the short time he would be away from them, Mr. Darcy leaned over and whispered in his wife’s ear, “I believe an early tea is in order. Should we adjourn to your chambers or mine?”

“Yours!”  Elizabeth exclaimed as she looked around to ascertain that none of the servants were around before pinching her husband’s lovely behind.  “You go ahead.  I just remembered some details about our little dinner party that I forgot to mention to Mrs. Winters earlier.  I will be with you directly.”  Kissing his cheek, she headed off to find the housekeeper to set her little plan into action.

It was well after six o’clock when Elizabeth was able to extricate herself from her husband’s bed.  She had much to do and very little time to waste.   Upon reaching her dressing room, she went immediately to one of her wardrobes.  Opening the door, she began to rummage through it.

Nancy, her maid, came up behind her.  “Ma’am, your bath is ready.”  When no response was forthcoming, she asked, “Mrs. Darcy is there something I can help you with?”  Still no reply, so Nancy stood patiently by, waiting for her mistress to find whatever it was she was looking for.

“Aha!” Elizabeth exclaimed as she pulled from the wardrobe the gown she was looking for.

“Mrs. Darcy!” Nancy cried as she looked at the frock.  “You do not mean to wear that…” She nodded her head at the garment Mrs. Darcy was holding out to view.  “…tonight?”

“I most certainly do,” Elizabeth stated as she began to put the gown on.  “Though I believe certain alterations are needed.  Nancy, go get your scissors and a needle and thread and some pins.”

Nancy was shocked at the alterations that her mistress suggested and attempted to refuse to perform them.

“Nancy, please do as you are told,” Elizabeth said sternly. 

Nancy took the dress and grudgingly left to make the adjustments as she was bid while Elizabeth went off to her bath.

Upon bathing, Elizabeth dried herself off.  Still bare, she padded to her dressing table.  Since being liberated from her clothes by her husband, Elizabeth had developed a distaste for wearing them.   After several embarrassing incidents when she had come into her dressing room naked because she had forgotten to take a nightgown or dressing gown with her to her husband’s chambers, she noticed that Nancy was not shocked and did not even seem to notice.  So, she began to go about her chambers as she pleased---which was in the nude.

Sitting down, she opened her jewelry box, searching for the necklace she wished to wear tonight.  Finding the item she desired, she brought it up to her neck to view it.  It had a delicate, silver filigreed collar from which dropped a thin silver chain.  At the end of the chain was a large, round pearl.  Usually, when she wore the necklace, she adjusted the links so the pearl lay just above her bosom.  Tonight, however, the necklace would be adjusted to where the pearl would be nestled between her breasts.  Now that should draw the gentlemen’s attention where I want it.

Laying the necklace aside, Elizabeth began pulling the pins from her hair and then brushed it out so it would be ready for Nancy to style.  Looking over to Nancy, she saw her maid was still working on the alterations.  Getting up from her chair at the dressing table, she went in search of the shoes she would wear as well as her stockings and garters.  Returning to her dressing table, she sat down and pulled on her stockings.  After fixing her garters and slipping on her shoes, she was dressed, except for the gown.

Soon Nancy announced that she was finished, and Elizabeth went over to examine her handiwork.  “Perfect!  You did an excellent job,” Elizabeth announced.

Giving her mistress a weak smile, Nancy was not going to say anything.  She did not know what Mrs. Darcy was up to, but she also believed the changes she had requested her to make were unnecessary.  The gown in its original form bordered on improper, but the altered version fell into the realms of indecent, or that was her perception.  Mrs. Darcy had never spoken a harsh word to her in the three months she had been there.  But the mild reprimand earlier was enough for her to keep her mouth shut.

Once Elizabeth donned the gown, she walked over to the full-length mirror to view her reflection.  Absolutely Perfect! She thought.  Seeing Nancy’s eyes agog, she knew what her effect would be on her husband and the colonel.

Looking over at the clock, she realized that it was nearly a quarter past seven; the colonel should already be there and hopefully, her husband had joined him.  Turning to Nancy, she requested, “Nancy, please go down and inform Mr. Darcy that I am going to be a little late and for them to go to the dining room.  I will meet with them there.”

“Yes, Mrs. Darcy, right away.”  Nancy curtsied and left on her errand.

Elizabeth stood looking at herself reflected in the mirror.  The gown was beautiful. It was made with a dark plum colored silk.  The tiny caps sleeves were just past the shoulder, leaving her arms and chest bare.  There area from below her bosom to above her navel was slightly fitted to her torso.  She had made Nancy take in the seams on either side. Now it fit very snugly which accentuated her ample bosom.  However, the bodice was what had made it perfect for her purpose.  The bodice was made of lace and stretched from the side of one breast to the side of the other and from the very low neckline to underneath her breasts.  It had a pale pink silk lining which she had Nancy remove.  Now the only thing that covered her bare breasts was a few lace appliqués strategically placed over her nipples and a fine net that was transparent.  The lace and the netting were loosely fitted across the breast area and there was plenty of room for her breasts to move about.  Turning her body from one side to another, she smiled as her breast swayed beneath their veil.  Except for the rough texture of the netting that caused her nipples to be aroused, she felt as if her bosom was not contained.

Smiling at her successful alterations, she had achieved the impression she wished to---provocative, and if she was to be honest, indecent.  But this was a family dinner and Richard had already seen her breasts this afternoon, so what was a little titillation going to hurt.

Darcy was a bit concerned about Elizabeth when Nancy came in to give him her message.  But when dinner was announced, he and Richard had gone to the dining room and had just sat down when she came waltzing into the room.  Going to her place at table, she waited for the footman to seat her. 

Darcy and Richard remained standing, still in shock at her gown.  Realizing the effect she was having on them, they finally sat down and both men quickly put a napkin in their laps to cover their reaction to her…to her…gown or lack thereof.  Darcy and Richard traded questioningly glances, before Richard responded.  Realizing he needed compliment his hostess, he croaked out, “Elizabeth, you…look…umm…beautiful…” He had to swallow to before continuing. “…tonight.”

“Why, thank you, Richard.  You are most kind,” she replied.

“Elizabeth, I do not believe I have ever seen you wear that gown before. Is it new?” Darcy asked.

“No.  I have had it for awhile but have not worn it.” Leaning over to let the gentlemen have a nice view down her décolletage, she said is a low voice, “It was part of my mother’s trousseau she purchased for me.”

Being intimately familiar with his mother-in-law’s fashion dictates, he closed his eyes and gulped.  This is going to be a long night.  Glancing over at his cousin, he did not know whether to be angry or amused as Richard was fidgeting in his chair.  He decided to go with amused because he knew his Lizzy.  This was a show of some kind, probably retribution at Richard for this afternoon.  It is time he got back some of the grief he has heaped on me all these years.  Since he had already witnessed her breasts earlier and she was willing to tease him with them now, I will just sit back and enjoy.  I hope she does not get too provocative as I would hate to have Richard watch me ravage my wife on the dining room table.

Elizabeth did not seem content to let the subject of her gown drop, so she sat up straight and pulled her shoulders back.  With an arched brow, she commented, “My mother seems to think a gown is not complete without lace adorning it.  Myself, I do not usually trim my gowns with lace, but I must say I believe this gown becomes me quite well.  Do you not agree, William, Richard?”

Both men nodded as each of them thought that the removal of a few bits of hideous lace it would be even more becoming.

Richard was in misery.  He could not find a comfortable way to sit in his chair.  He wanted desperately to reach down and rearrange his private parts without bringing attention to what he was doing. Never having been in a position at having to do so at the dinner table, he was at a loss for the etiquette required to do such a thing.  But, at least, his struggles were keeping him from staring at the most perfect set of breasts barely hidden behind an unsightly piece of lace.  Then something caught his attention, a movement. As he glanced up, he saw Elizabeth leaning across the table to ring the bell, calling for the servants to begin serving.  But instead of using her wrist to ring the bell, she used her entire arm causing her breasts, which were loosely encased in that gruesome lace, it sway back and forth.  Oh…My…G-D!   Richard sat there his mouth slightly agape and his eyes as round as saucers.  It was not until his soup was served that he could redirect his attention to something else.  Lowering his head, he happened to catch a glimpse of a twitch in his trousers.  Ascertaining that his dinner companions’ notice was on the serving, he reached down and adapted himself to a slightly less uncomfortable position. Dinner etiquette be damned!

If Colonel Fitzwilliam’s brain had not moved to his male appendage, then he would have realized that the titillating Mrs. Darcy was taunting and teasing him, and he could have accommodated his reactions to relive his struggles.

Watching as the soup was served before him, Darcy experienced a little fissure that maybe Lizzy’s little plan may be aimed at him as well as the colonel.  His efforts to keep his focus on the food before him and ignore Lizzy were negated when he heard her exclaim, “Oh! MY!”  He immediately rose and had leaned across the table when he saw her daintily wipe with her napkin a bit of soup slowly making its way down the slope of her breast into the hollow below.

Smiling sweetly, she informed him, “My dear, I am sure that Cousin Richard would not wish to watch you lick food from my chest.”

Slowly returning to his chair and with a flushed countenance, he turned to Richard to see a small smirk on his lips. But his embarrassment was complete when she added, “Richard, my dear husband did not get to be the gentleman that he is by being wasteful.”

Both men returned their gaze to the soup, missing the cocky smile on Elizabeth’s mien.

The rest of the dinner went on with a little more ease for both gentlemen.  Although they were not able to relieve their aroused manly parts, Elizabeth’s provocative presence and that pesky piece of lace that was obstructing their view of perfection made that impossible. The conversation, however, helped in diverting their attention from what was happening in their trousers.  The gentlemen found they could carry on a sensible conversation if they did not look below her neck.

When it was time for the last course, Darcy and Richard’s relief was palpable.  After dinner they would be able to separate themselves from their constant stimuli and hopefully regain their composure. 

Darcy’s hopes of getting through dinner unscathed were dashed when he beheld a dish of raspberry fool placed before him.  Letting out a dejected groan, he closed his eyes and prayed that he would not make a fool of himself by the urgent need to lay his wife out on the dinner table and ravage her…in front of his cousin.  His first instinct was to flee, but one glance at Richard stayed him.  There was no way on G-d’s green earth that I would leave him with Lizzy in his condition. Gripping the arms of his chair, he prepared himself for the onslaught of Elizabeth’s enjoyment of the dish that was sure to follow.

Richard had just scooped out some of the tasty dessert and had the spoon halfway to his mouth when he heard a feminine “Aaahhh!” Gazing up at Elizabeth, he saw her remove her spoon from her mouth and throw her head back and arch her back.  A low, plaintive moan escaped her at her enjoyment of the treat.  On closer inspection, he realized that she looked and sounded like a woman who had just experienced an orgasm.  Her actions pushed him to the limit of his control.  Lowering his head, his gripped the edge of the table and silently prayed, Please, Lord, do not let me ejaculate. Please I would rather die than to explain my spoiled breeches to Darcy.  

With all his strength, Richard fought the urge to release himself.  He pictured in his mind the bloodiest battle scene he had ever witnessed.  Men lay dead and dying, blood and dirt everywhere, and when he felt that he was gaining control again, there stood in his mind’s eye, amid the carnage, Elizabeth wearing that gown with the lace ripped from it, her bounteous bosom on full display with nothing to mar or hide such a succulent sight.  There at the Darcy’s dinner table sat Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam of His Majesty’s Army panting almost to the point of hyperventilation.

Hearing Richard’s panting, Darcy turned to glare at his cousin.  But watching the brave and gallant soldier struggle against the force of his wife’s retribution, he could not help feel a twinge of pity for his cousin.  Just a twinge, mind you; after all, it was his fault they were in this predicament.  

As the last course was cleared, it should be noted that Darcy had not touched his fool, Richard’s plate only showed one spoonful missing, and on Elizabeth’s plate, there was nary a speck of fool left.


With dinner complete, the gentlemen looked forward to Elizabeth leaving them for their brandy and cigars.  But they also knew that they would have to stand when she left, so they surreptitiously tucked a corner of their napkins inside the waist of their trousers.  It would not do to have her be made aware of what she had done to them by her appearance at the dining table.

When Elizabeth rose from the table both gentlemen let out a sigh of relief as they stood.  Much to their consternation, instead of leaving, she walked around Darcy’s chair and stood between them.  Reaching over, she plucked Darcy’s napkin from his trousers and tossed it on the table.  Turning toward Richard’s, she also relieved him of his camouflage.  Taking hold of both men’s wrists, she led them to an open place on the carpet.  Placing them about five feet apart, she stood in the center between them.  Then she took a step back so they were facing each other without anything between them.

“Since I suggested the choice of weapons, I am ready to observe the duel,” she stated.

Both gentlemen looked at each other with confusion on their mien before turning to her and asked in unison, “Pardon me?”

“Oh! That was settled this afternoon.  Maybe you two gentlemen would prefer a more masculine competition.” Tapping her finger on her cheek as she appeared to think before eyeing their crotches, she offered, “You seem to be ready to see who can spew their sperm the furthest.”

 Richard turned red with embarrassment and anger.  Facing Darcy, he spat, “You told her?”

Darcy just shrugged before giving his cousin at sheepish grin, “It just came out in conversation.”

“Harrumph…” Richard started but was interrupted by Elizabeth.

“The picture of you two as young men, naked as the day you were born, cornered by several females teasing and taunting you.  Very amusing sight!” She smiled sweetly before she sobered and ordered. “Now drop your breeches and let us have a rematch.  My husband was not forthcoming as to the results of that first match.”

They looked at her with incredulity before Darcy said, “You cannot be serious?”

“Oh yes, my dear, I am.  You two appear in dire need of release and I am offering you an opportunity to find it.  After all, it is your admiration of my ‘assets’ that got you in your present situation.” She glanced again at their bulging trousers. “The least you can do is to allow me the opportunity to admire your ‘assets’.”

Again amazement showed on their faces as they contemplated how to get out of this tight spot.

Darcy was willing to expose himself but he did not want Richard to do so in front of Lizzy.

Richard wanted nothing more than to take the pressure off his straining erection, but not in front of Darcy’s wife.

Finally, she said, “It seems that you are content with your prowess and do not need such a completion. So let us see if my next reason will cause you to drop your breeches.”

Both gentlemen gave her a wary look but stood fast in their resolve in keeping their breeches buttoned.

“I came into this marriage as a virgin bride with no knowledge of the male anatomy.  With my husband’s…” She smiled sweetly at Darcy. “…expert tutelage, I have become intimately acquainted with the masculine physique.  But this new knowledge has not gotten me any closer to the answer of what I most seek.”

Each gentleman gave the other a cautious look.  Then Darcy asked, “What is it that you seek?”

“The veracity to the American claim that all men are created equal.  Now, drop your breeches, and let us find the truth.”

Neither gentleman knew how to counter that request.  But when Darcy unbuttoned the top button of his breeches and gave a nod to Richard, Richard undid his top button.  Richard felt relief when he was able to gain some freedom for his straining manhood.  That relief was so great that he unbuttoned the next button. 

“No!” Darcy cried as he stepped over to Richard to shield him from Lizzy’s view.  “You will do no such thing,” he growled at his cousin.

Elizabeth stamped her foot and glared at her husband before saying, “Why must you spoil all my fun?  I was about to find out the truth.”

Darcy looked at his wife with astonishment that she would even suggest such a thing. 

Seeing that her husband was still serious about this whole ploy of hers, she laughed.  “I almost bested you both.  Admit it.”

Both gentlemen gave her a guilty nod to acknowledge her victory.

Richard reluctantly buttoned his breeches and bowed as deeply as he was able, considering his circumstances.  “Mrs. Darcy, not many men can outwit me, but I bow to you at being the Mistress of the Tease.”

“Thank you, Richard.  But let this be a lesson to you about provoking my husband into revealing things that should be left private.” She smiled at him.

Darcy stepped over to Elizabeth and placed his arm around her.  “Yes, Fitzwilliam, be forewarned that if you persist in any more mercilessly teasing of me, you will have to answer to my wife.”

Richard chuckled and nodded his head before saying, “I really need to leave.  It has been quite an interesting evening.  Thank you.”

“Are you planning to return to the lady you visited with earlier today after leaving here?” Elizabeth asked.

Looking shocked, he responded, “How did you know?”

Darcy laughed and replied, “She did not.  You just confirmed your whereabouts.  I warned you about underestimating my wife.”

“You are a very fortunate man.  I am quite envious of you,” Richard said.

Smiling down at his wife, Darcy rejoined, “As you should be.”

“Richard, do not think you will be treated in such a fashion as tonight when you visit here in the future.  And please know you are welcome at any time,” Elizabeth expressed her sincere wishes.

“Darcy, Mrs. Darcy, I can safely say that dinner at the Darcy’s tonight will be one that I will never forget,” Richard said as he walked to the door.  “Good night, Mr. and Mrs. Darcy.”  And with that the colonel left his cousins to their own devices.

Richard could not get out of the house fast enough.  He needed relief, his want was urgent.  After impatiently putting on his gloves while the butler helped him with his greatcoat, he opened the door himself.  He donned his hat as he scurried down the steps, leaving an amused butler to close the door behind him. 

Reaching the sidewalk, he walked briskly to the end of Darcy’s house.  Scanning the area to ensure that no one was watching him, he darted down the alleyway between Darcy’s house and his neighbor’s, unbuttoning his breeches as he went.  Stopping at a point where it was too dark for anyone to observe him from the street, he let his breeches slide down his legs as he wrapped his hand around the erection he had sported for well over an hour.  The frosty winter air did not affect him in the slightest as the blood running through his veins was red hot.

The first down stroke caused him to emit an “Aaahhhh!”  But his need was still pressing, so up and down his hand went encasing his extreme arousal.  Throwing his head back and closing his eyes, he envisioned all his images of Elizabeth today beginning with her perfect breasts bouncing up and down as she rode her husband.  Next came the sight of her in that gown that left nothing to the imagination as those same beautiful breasts peeked and poked out from that totally unnecessary lace.  By the time he got in his mind’s eye to the picture of her erotic response to the raspberry fool, his hand was going as fast as a piston on a flywheel engine.  Sounding a loud grunt, he let loose a stream of semen into the winter night.

Bending over, gasping for breath, he wondered if tonight he could have finally beaten Darcy in that competition.  Laughing, he straightened up and thought, Yes, I believe I could have!  As the cold began to bite at his exposed flesh, he reached into his pocket for a handkerchief and wiped himself off.  After restoring his clothing to rights, he turned and walked back toward the street, stopping at the edge of the house.  Backing up against the house, he surveyed his surroundings.  When he was sure no one was about, he stepped onto the sidewalk and strode down the street.  Thinking about finding Belle, he increased his stride.  By the time he had worked out his invigorating plans for Belle once he found her, he was at a dead run.



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