Glory  Takes a Holiday  


By mid-May, our blissfully happy couple was not so blissfully happy despite having been married just under six months.  Oh! Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy were still very much in love and still shared an extremely passionate nature but therein lay the problem.  After having spent the first two months of their marriage in pursuit of amorous adventures and mostly in the nude, both had quite an aversion to clothing. Therefore, they found themselves quite stifled in those pursuits by the arrival of Mr. Darcy’s young sister, Georgiana.

Mr. Darcy was very protective of his sixteen-year old sister.  The two of them were all that was left of their immediate family after the death of both their parents many years ago.  With Mr. Darcy assuming guardianship of Georgiana at such a young age, he was more of a father to her than a brother.  Therefore, the couple knew an impressionable young lady should not be made privy to the exploits of a newly married and quite amorous couple.

Though Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth Darcy were glad to receive their sister, the truth was they were somewhat frustrated in having their romantic life curtailed.  Gone was the time they could sneak away for a quick tryst during a day; gone was the time between tea and dinner when they could retire to their chambers to undress for some ‘rest and relaxation’ before having to dress for dinner; gone was the ability to retire to their bed chambers immediately after dinner.  Yes, the couple was seriously deprived of those private moments they were used to sharing throughout the day and evening.

Miss Georgiana Darcy returned to London to resume her residence with her brother and her new sister-in-law during the first week of February.  While the couple knew what was to be expected of them, they were not quite ready for the reality of it. 

There came, however, a bit of a respite for the Darcys in the transformation of the shy, retiring young girl that had left with her aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Matlock, on a sojourn to Brighton, to the more outgoing and sociable young lady who returned.  Eager was Miss Darcy to continue the connections with the new friends whom she met in Brighton. Miss Darcy had planned shopping trips, scheduled tea parties and visits, and was invited to excursions to parks and museums and exhibitions.  Mr. and Mrs. Darcy, who were initially eager to accompany their sister on such outings, soon found their enthusiasm for such adventures had waned.  While Mr. Darcy enjoyed seeing his young sister bloom, having been such a shy, retiring creature, he found the giggling and chattering of young ladies a bit much.  Mrs. Darcy, having grown up with four sisters, was quite immune to such behavior but found the peace and quiet of being alone with her husband more alluring.  Soon the Darcys found themselves at home alone without much to do, as their sister gadded about town under chaperonage of her companion, Mrs. Annesley.  With time on their hands, it was not long before their idleness was dispatched as they once again would have their favorite leisurely pastime to enjoy.

It was soon learned that even this reprieve to their enjoyment of those private times together during the day had been dampened when it was brought to the conjugating couple’s attention that their activities where not quite as private as they thought they were.

One afternoon after they had seen Miss Darcy off to an afternoon social, the couple had made plans to retire to Mr. Darcy’s study when one thing after another delayed their assignation.  By the time they were able to get situated on the sofa and Mr. Darcy was pleasurably positioned within Mrs. Darcy, there came a knock at the door.

The enjoyment that they were vocally expressing to the other caused them to miss the gentle knock.  By the time the couple was near the pinnacle of their climax and were quietly concentrating on attaining the summit, the knock had become an insistent pounding.  It was not long before Darcy became aware that he was pounding into his wife to the tempo of whoever was pounding on his study door. 

Slowing to a gentle glissade, he raised his head from his wife’s hardened nipple and in a disgruntled growl called, “Yes, who is it, and what do you want?”

His wife grabbed his head and pulled him down to return his mouth to its previous task.  She was quite perturbed by the interruption; she was close to another climax and was determined to see that she achieved it.

“Mr. Darcy, sir,” came Hudson’s muffled voice through door, “It is I, Hudson.  Sir, Miss Darcy has returned and is eager to speak with you and Mrs. Darcy.”

The implication of Hudson’s words on his pleasure-soaked brain had an immediate effect on Darcy.  His hard, firm erection became soft and flaccid as horror raced through his consciousness at the thought of his sister walking in on them.  His trousers lay somewhere on the floor of the study. Where, he knew not.  And Elizabeth’s gown was bunched at her waist.  No, they were in no condition to see Georgiana at the present time.

Thinking quickly, he said, “Thank you, Hudson.  Tell Miss Darcy we will be with her directly.”

An extremely disappointed Mr. Darcy quickly slipped out of an equally disappointed Mrs. Darcy.  Looking around the room in search of something, he whispered to his wife, “Elizabeth, do you know where my trousers are?”

She smiled, “How soon you forget?”

A confused look was soon replaced with a huge grin as he remembered his wife on her knees before him while he sat at his desk. She had removed his trousers only to toss them underneath his desk.

Leaning over to kiss his wife, Darcy climbed off her to retrieve his discarded trousers.

Elizabeth, never one to miss the view of her husband’s bare buttocks, watched as he walked across the room.  Extremely appreciative of the view presented to her when he bent over to retrieve said trousers from underneath his desk.

Soon the couple had restored their appearance to some normalcy and opened the door to the study to find Hudson, along with Miss Darcy, standing in the hallway.

“There you are!” Miss Darcy exclaimed to her slightly flushed brother and sister-in-law.  “Are you well?”

“Yes, Georgiana, we are well,” Darcy answered his sister.

“I am pleased to hear it.  I thought I heard you groaning and thought you might be ill.  Hudson said that it was one of the footmen helping the housemaids clean by moving the furniture.  But it sounded so much like you,” Miss Darcy stated.

A flushed Darcy looked at his sister, then to Hudson and then to his wife before replying, “Yes, Georgiana, I am perfectly fine.”

Later that afternoon, an embarrassed Mr. and Mrs. Darcy sat before their housekeeper, Mrs. Winters, who explained to them how appreciative the servants were when the Master and Mistress announced their location whenever they wished for some privacy.  But the fact was that they could sometimes be heard up in the attics.  With Miss Darcy returned, it would be best just to inform only Hudson or herself when they wished for some privacy instead of the entire household so they could divert Miss Darcy’s attention away from their location.

The advent of the London season also wore on the couple’s sensibilities as they were obliged to be out of the house most every evening.  Elizabeth Darcy had made quite the impression on society when she debuted at the theatre in early December of the previous year, and many were demanding that they have a chance to know her better. 

Hostesses clamored to have the Darcys appear at whatever ball, soiree, musicale, rout, or other to do that was being hosted.  While the ladies to the ton may not have been so enamored of Mrs. Darcy, the gentlemen were.  Even though Mr. Darcy had been taken off the marriage mart, there were still young ladies in need of a husband.  What better way to ensure the attendance of single gentlemen than to offer them an incentive?  The promise of Mrs. Darcy in a low cut gown was sure to guarantee an abundance of gentlemen at any event.

While Mr. Darcy was pleased to show off his wife to her best advantage, he was soon torn between pride and jealousy at the other members of his sex seeking to gain her attention.  Elizabeth was an out-going and friendly soul, who made friends easily with her wit and intelligence.  Darcy believed he could now enjoy these events as he no longer had to dodge match-making mothers and coquettish young maidens in search of a husband.  Never one to make small talk, he also assumed his gregarious wife would shield him from that unpleasant task.  Unfortunately that did not come to pass as he would spend most of the evenings staving off the advances of undeserving gentleman eager to make themselves known to his wife as they leered at her bountiful bosom.

If that was not bad enough, Mrs. Darcy’s gowns, while not as daring as the one she had worn to the theatre on her debut, showed her cleavage in a most provocative way.  Having to remain at her side for the entire evening lest some gentleman should take advantage of her, Mr. Darcy’s thoughts continued to revert back to the quick tryst they usually shared before going out, and he found himself in the uncomfortable position of constantly trying to suppress his body’s reaction to what he knew was hidden beneath her gown. 

By the time they returned home in the evening, Mr. Darcy was so agitated that he found the only way to soothe his tortured psyche was to make wild, passionate love to his wife until the wee hours of the morning, thereby ensuring very little rest for the both of them which only added to their distress.

Some evenings were more than Mr. Darcy could bear, and he would devise reasons to whisk his wife off to some secluded part of the house that was hosting whatever event they were attending.  However, Mrs. Darcy soon got wind of his intentions and thwarted his attempts.  Not that she would have minded some private time with her husband, but she did not wish to tempt fate.  They had gotten away with their connubial union at the theatre in December while hundreds of people sat outside the closed curtains of their box, but she was sure that they would not be so lucky now.

At the present, it seemed partaking in marital bliss to be not only limited but scheduled.  All the spontaneity of the first two months of their marriage was lost and they were suffering greatly.

As the end of May was upon them, along with the end of the Season, another problem reared its ugly head.  After six months of marriage, Elizabeth Darcy was not yet with child.  While she had mixed feelings about having a child so soon after her marriage, the fact that her husband had sown a considerable amount of his seed during that time had caused her to be concerned about her ability to conceive a child.

She had consulted her Aunt Gardiner, who had four children, her mother, who had five daughters, and Mrs. Winters, who had two children, about how to know when one was with child.  So far, she had none of the symptoms associated with having a child growing inside her.

When Elizabeth received a letter from her sister, Jane, announcing her impending confinement, Elizabeth was beside herself with worry that she would not be able to bear Mr. Darcy’s heirs.  Thus adding to their frustration; not only were the number of times for the enjoyment of their marital relations limited, but the exposure of conceiving a child was lessened.  How could they conceive a child if their procreative activities were thwarted?

One morning, Darcy was sitting in his study mulling over the situation that he and Elizabeth were in.  They needed some time together—alone.  They were due to leave in three weeks to return to Pemberley for the summer.  Thinking that being at Pemberley might be the solution to their problems, he remembered that Georgiana would be with them and desiring their company much more than she did while they were in town.  Even if they invited some of her young friends to Pemberley, they would still be faced with a lack of privacy as they would be required to entertain and chaperone the young ladies.  Privacy was what they needed most, but how were they going to achieve that with the current state of affairs.

While reading a letter that had arrived in the morning post, an idea came to Darcy that seemed to solve all their problems.  He set about making his plan and dispatching letters to make sure that said plan would come to fruition. 

After securing a favor from Lord and Lady Matlock to host Georgiana for a month in Bath and giving Abernathy, Mr. Darcy’s valet, and Nancy, Mrs. Darcy’s abigail, leave to visit their families, Darcy lead Elizabeth to an awaiting carriage and helped her inside.

After settling themselves, Elizabeth asked, “Why are not Nancy and Abernathy going with us to Pemberley?”

“Because we are not going to Pemberley for at least another month,” was his reply

“Oh!” she exclaimed, excited.  “Where are we going?”

“To Warm Springs Cottage, it is but fifteen miles from Pemberley,” was his response.

“Oh, only fifteen miles from Pemberley?” she asked somewhat confused.

“I promise you will enjoy this little trip,” he said and then went on to explain, “This spring, I purchased the cottage for you.” 

She looked at him questioningly.  Why would he purchase a cottage for me?

He continued, “This cottage will be yours…ours to roam about as we please.  There are no servants.  It is in a secluded area, set far from the road and sits in the woods so we have complete privacy.”

Her eyes light up, “Do you mean that we do not have to wear clothing and can make love as often as we like?”

“Yes,” he grinned.  “There is a couple, who are the caretakers, and they will come by every couple of days to clean and bring us food.  But yes, for the most part you will not have to wear any clothing.  And I am most willing to satisfy your every need.”

“Fitzwilliam!” she cried as she leapt on him with a fierce hug while she kissed him.  Settling herself beside him, she asked, “Tell me about this cottage.”

“It belonged to an old friend of my father’s, Captain Pennwick, a retired navy captain.  When we were boys, Richard and I would go there in the summers and spend time with him.  He would tell stories of his time on the high seas and about all the places he had been.  About a month ago I heard he had passed away and then found out that the cottage was for sale as he had no family to leave it to.  I knew it would be a perfect place for us to use when we needed some time for ourselves.”

He continued to tell her stories about the old sea captain and the times he had spent with him. 

After a day and a half’s journey, they pulled up in front of the cottage.  The Alstons were there awaiting their arrival to give them a quick tour while the coachmen unloaded the trunks they would need for their stay. 

Within the hour, they had bid farewell to the carriage as it continued onto Pemberley, the coachman having been given the instruction not to return to retrieve them until a month had passed.  Later, they waved goodbye to the Alstons as they made their way down the long drive in a pony trap to return to their own house in the nearby village.

Alone at last, the Darcys grinned at each other and raced up the staircase to their bed chamber where they quickly removed their clothing.  Soon they were tangled up with each other as they sought relief from the celibacy that they had suffered since leaving the inn that morning.

Afterward, Elizabeth let out a sigh, “Will, this is going to be heavenly.  Thank you so much.”

Darcy rose from the bed and took her hand saying, “Come.  You have not seen the best part of this paradise.”

She looked at him expectantly as she followed him downstairs and to the back door.  “We are not going outside naked, are we?”

“Yes, but that is not what I want to show you.” He grinned as he pulled her through the door.

Elizabeth was a bit reluctant at first but when her eyes beheld the beautiful garden and grassy lawn that sloped down to a tall hedge, she was mesmerized by it.  She was quite eager to sit naked in this lovely place and enjoy it.  But evidently he had other ideas as he continued to lead her down the lawn to a gate set in the hedge.

As he opened the gate, he said, “This is the best part.” He ushered her through the gate and her breath was taken away as she beheld a pond about an acre in size, surrounded by grassy banks dotted with dainty little flowers.  The woods enclosing the pond on three sides stood about twenty feet from the water.  A six foot hedge separated the pond from the house.  To the right was a small pier that went out about fifteen feet into the water.  A small pavilion of sorts was on the bank at the beginning of the pier.  It was a crude structure composed of four poles and a thatched roof, but it would provide shade from the hot summer sun.

Elizabeth was in awe of the place.

Darcy pulled her close to him.  When she put her arms around his neck, he hoisted her up and onto his erection.  Then he walked into the pond.

She squealed with delight when he had gotten deep enough for the water to lap against her bare bottom.  “The water is so warm, almost like a bath,” she observed.

“That is because a thermal spring feeds this pond.  The water is heated from the earth’s core,” he explained.

They closed their eyes to peace and calm that inhabited them as they felt the water warming their joined bodies.  After a few minutes they opened their eyes as they began their slow dance of coupling making the most of the relaxing time they were sharing.  As their ardor grew, Elizabeth leaned back so that Darcy could maneuver her buoyant weight into positions that was satisfying to both of them.  He would bring her to climax and then still his actions until she recovered only to thrust deeply into her until another climax overtook her.  He repeated this until he saw her becoming overcome by the number of orgasms she had experienced in a short amount of time. He felt he could do this forever, but he focused on her breasts bobbing in the water to increase his ardor so he could find his own release. 

Elizabeth clung to Darcy as they recovered from one of the most sensual encounters they had ever shared.  As she regained her senses, she whispered in his ear, “Thank you, my most wonderful husband, for all of this.  I love you, Will.”

He embraced her tightly and whispered, “I love you, Lizzy, for the rest of my days.”

Soon the days settled into a routine whereby they arose early for their normal conjugal coupling.  After lying entwined for about half an hour afterwards, they would arise and go down to the kitchen where Elizabeth entertained her husband with her culinary skills.  Truth be told, he found her pert little behind poking out from her apron quite arousing.  While she put their breakfast together, he began preparing water for their bath.   After their breakfast was set out, they sat at the kitchen table to enjoy their breakfast as they waited for the water to heat. 

Mrs. Reynolds, the housekeeper at Pemberley had sent over some blackberry jam and orange marmalade.  It was a fresh batch ofblackberry jam as somehow the Pemberley kitchen was overflowing withblackberries.  It seemed that word had gotten out in the neighborhood that Mr. Darcy was paying a premium for blackberries this summer.  Mr. Darcy took advantage of the abundance of his favorite jam by savoring it on his wife’s breasts in lieu of toast. 

Mrs. Darcy found her husband’s male appendage adequate for enjoying her portion of the jam, and it was not long before they were sprawled on the kitchen table.  Fortunately they had the foresight to clear the dishes beforehand.

Also fortunate was the large copper tub, just off the kitchen, was soon filled with water so the couple could take their bath together.  Blackberry jam can be quite sticky and an extra pair of hands was often needed to guarantee none of it remained in any cracks or crevices where it might have lodged.

Afterwards they would retire to the terrace just out the back door and Elizabeth went about shaving her husband.  Then it was Darcy’s turn to brush out his wife’s hair.  After their toilette was complete, they would retire to the sitting room and engaged in any activity that took their fancy, be it attending to their correspondence or reading or copulation.  Some days they would simply remain in the garden and enjoyed nature.

At midday, they would have a light meal of bread, cold meat, cheese, and fresh fruit.  Afterwards they would gather up blankets and towels and head off to the pond to swim and make love.  When the heat of the sun became too much, they would spread their blanket under the pavilion and nap.

He would tease her that she was becoming brown as a berry.  Her response was to laugh and say “What do you expect when one spends the summer in such a lovely place?”

On the days that the Alston’s were scheduled to arrive, they would reluctantly dress before going downstairs for breakfast.  Lizzy would wear a simple frock that was loose fitting and comfortable.  Darcy chose to don only a shirt and a pair of trousers; after all, he was on holiday and did not feel the need to be so formally attired.  The Alstons arrived with the post and any other items that were sent from Pemberley, as well as a supply of food, usually a hearty pot of stew or soup and breads, pastries, cheeses, cold meats, fruits and vegetables.  Elizabeth and Darcy would stowaway the food and prepare luncheon for the foursome while the Alstons tidied up the place.

Waving the Alstons goodbye until their pony trap was out of sight, the Darcys quickly removed their clothing and gathered blankets and towels to spend their afternoon in and around the pond. 

On rainy days, they remained in their bed chamber most of the day and listened to the rain fall.  On a couple of occasions, however, Darcy was able to coax his wife outside to dance with her in the rain.  Later they would lie before a roaring fire and make languid love to each other as the raindrops pattered against the windowpane. 

On those hot summer nights when it is too warm to sleep, they would go to the pond.  After cavorting in water, they would lie on a blanket and watch the night sky.  Darcy gave Elizabeth lessons in astronomy as he navigated her celestial being.

They enjoyed their private time together.  With all the frustrations of the past few months, to be together naked and free to do as they pleased was a balm to their souls.  With no responsibilities, their lovemaking was again spontaneous and frequent.  They were with each other constantly and could not help touching, caressing, fondling each other in some way, shape or form. 

If Darcy had thought his libido was active during the first two months of his marriage, it was nothing to his stamina while they were at the cottage.  A fact he was grateful for as Elizabeth’s voracious appetite for coupling might have forced him to disappoint her at times.  It seemed being back in a country setting had awakened her appetites in more ways than one.

Elizabeth soon began to love the pond and being in its warm waters.  She had never learned to swim and was, therefore, anxious at first at being in the water.  Soon Darcy had taught her how to float on her back.  It is presumed that he chose this particular thing to teach her just to watch her breasts as they bobbed on the surface of the water while he floated on his stomach. They found copulating in the water perhaps the most erotic experience of their marriage so far, and as Elizabeth gained more confidence of being in the water, the more erotic and exotic the activity became.

Too soon the lazy days of their summer holiday came to an end. With heavy hearts they packed their trucks and returned to Pemberley.  They also found that the time they had spent fending for themselves, as there were no servants about, only deepened and strengthened the bond between them.  They truly were of one mind, body, and spirit.

Come October, they realized one more benefit from their summer sojourn when Elizabeth announced she was carrying Mr. Darcy’s heir. 




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