Their Glory Continues



Part VI – An Intruder


Early one afternoon, when Darcy had finished his work for the day, he sent Andrews off to deliver the papers they had just completed.  With a bit of free time on his hands, he asked to have his wife join him in his study.  Finding himself quite at leisure (and it is not hard to surmise where Mr. Darcy’s thoughts go when left to idle too long especially when he was anticipating the presence of his wife), he began to replay an evening two days previous.  After retiring, his wife showed up in their chambers wearing only that dark blue velvet gown she had worn the night of the ‘theatre incident’, as they now referred to that night.  She walked in and stood before him, slowly lowering the shoulders of the dress until the bodice fell away revealing that wonderful bosom of hers.  Then raising her skirts to her waist, she came to sit astride him and said “Let us make a better memory of this dress.” Yes, that thought had him hard and stiff.


Going to the sofa, he removed his shoes.  After unbuttoning and removing his trousers, he reclined on the sofa resting his head on the arm.  Reaching down to stroke his erection in anticipation of his wife, he replayed that particular memory and then the one where he escorted her back to her dressing room to remove the dress.  They had gotten caught in the reflection of the dressing table mirror.  It was quite awhile until they made their way back to their bed.


His musings were interrupted when he heard voices in the hall alerting him to her imminent arrival.  He sat up a bit so he could watch her enter.


She entered the room and looked around trying to find him.  Seeing his head peeking over the back of the sofa, she walked to the sofa and looked over to see that he was quite ready to receive her.  Bending slightly to lift her skirts, she proceeded around the sofa to straddle her husband.


Darcy held his erection steady as she slowly lowered herself onto it.  After settling herself, she said, “What a pleasant way to spend an afternoon!”


“Yes, it is.” He grinned at her.  Then taking on a more hesitant tone, he went on, “Will you bare your bosom to me?”


Grinning, she said, “I would be more than happy to share my bosom with you, you always take such prodigious good care of it.”  She began to remove her arms from her sleeves and with his help the top of her gown was pushed down to her waist.


“Beautiful, just beautiful” he stated as he place his hands on her breasts, lightly kneading them.  She arched her back to give him better access to them hoping he would soon work his way to her nipples as they were quite desirous of his attention.  Soon he was pulling her toward him so his mouth could partake of her luscious bounty.



Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam was miffed at being told that the Darcys were unavailable and perhaps, he could return in about an hour or two.  Just why were they not available? He knew why he would be unavailable at this time of the day if he were newly married.  But he knew his prim and proper cousin would only be engaged in such an activity in the dark of the night not in the bright of the day.  He wanted to report on his cousin Georgiana’s return and all the changes he had witnessed in her during his stay with his parents, Lord and Lady Matlock. Asked if he would like to wait until they were available, acceded and Hudson showed him to a family sitting room and told him the Darcys would be informed of his waiting on them. 


Pondering on what his cousin and wife would be doing, he decided a nice snifter of brandy would take the chill from his bones.  Not finding any, he went to Darcy’s study, knowing that is where he kept his finest spirits.  Finding the study locked, he used his military skills to pick the lock not even considering that there was a reason for the door to be locked.  He knew that Darcy rarely locked his study door as any private papers would be safely locked away in his desk or safe if he was not present.    Richard, being family and a close friend, had always had access to the room did not think twice about barging in especially when brandy could be had.


Entering the room, he made his way to the cabinet where the brandy was kept.  Catching movement from the corner of his eye, he stopped when he realized that he was not alone in the room.  Slowly turning his head in the direction of the sofa, he saw Darcy’s mouth attached to his wife’s breast and she was moving up and down on top of him.


Richard grinned as he realized that he had caught his ‘oh-so-haughty-and-reserved’ cousin in quite a passionate act.  He then maneuvered to a more advantageous viewing position.  Getting comfortably settled on the edge of the desk where he had a nice view of his cousin attending to his wife, he froze at what he saw and his reaction was immediate when he viewed his cousin’s good fortune in having a wife with the most perfect pair of breasts he had ever had the privilege of beholding.  Added to that fact was his cousin’s wife was evidently enjoying the attentions that was being bestowed upon her.  Darcy, you are one fortunate man to have a wife of such beauty, brains, and breasts wrapped up in a passionate nature.


Deciding to make his presence known, “I say, Darcy, my man, I have had a hell of time getting in to see you.” he smirked when their eyes opened and their heads slowly turn toward him.  Suddenly Elizabeth disappeared from his view as Darcy clutched her closely to him.  He startled a bit when he heard his cousin bellow,


“Ftizwilliam! GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE, NOW!” Darcy was quite angry.


“Darcy, why are you avoiding me?   I have some news for you about Georgiana.” Richard said ignoring his cousin’s anger.  He snickered as he knew that Darcy was not in a position to do anything, having seen his trousers lying on the floor.


Suddenly the door burst opened with Hudson and two footmen stopping just inside the door.

Not seeing Mr. or Mrs. Darcy (as they were hunkered down on the sofa), but knowing from Johnson that they were in there, he called out “Mr. Darcy, is everything all right?” Searching the room desperate to ascertain that nothing was amiss with his master, he heard his master call out from the sofa.


Hudson, please escort the Colonel to the Blue Salon.  Now!  And make sure he stays there until I have had a chance to speak with him,” Darcy’s tone was such that both the Colonel and Hudson knew they should comply, “And please post a footman outside the door as I want no more interruptions.”


Snickering, the Colonel made his way to the door.  Before exiting the room, he called out over his shoulder, “Do not be too long, cousin.  I do not have all day.”  Laughing, the Colonel allowed Hudson to lead him away.


Darcy was quite embarrassed to have his cousin catch him in such a manner but he was also concerned for Elizabeth as he could feel her trembling as he tightly clutched her to him.


Elizabeth, are you all right?  I am so sorry this happened.  I should call out that wayward cousin of mine,” he said, rubbing her bare back hoping to quiet her. His words and actions, however, only made her shake harder.


Pushing her up so he could see her face, he was amazed to see the tears on her face where not of mortification but of amusement; she was laughing uncontrollably.


Elizabeth! This is not funny!” he chastised.


“Will, you have to admit it is.  After all the times we have had private…moments throughout this house, I am surprised we have not been caught sooner.  But…” She bit her lip to hold back her mirth.


He raised an eyebrow, curious at her continued amusement, “But, what?”


“It is…just…well…when I opened my eyes, I realized that I was…eye level with the Colonel’s…midsection and well…you two cousins have more in common than a set of grandparents.”  Elizabeth blushed at revealing the Colonel’s reaction to his find.


Astonished by her revelation, Darcy asked, “Are you saying that…Fitzwilliam…that he…was aroused by what he saw?”


Elizabeth vigorously nodded her head.  Continuing on, “I could not help remember the story you told me about that summer when you were younger and had guests at Pemberley.  You and he had escaped to go skinny dipping and were found by a couple of the married ladies who proceeded to tease and taunt two such impressionable young men.  And how, when they left …you…had a race to see…who could find their…release…first.”


Elizabeth, Fitzwilliam would run me through with that saber of his if he ever found out that I told you that story,” Darcy warned his wife.


She giggled, “That is not what I was imagining you two using in a duel.”  She lifted herself up and down upon his shaft.


His eyes widened, “Lizzy! What has happened to my innocent and proper wife?”


“You, my dear husband, have turned her into a wanton and naughty woman.” She leaned down to kiss him.  Then she gave him a mischievous look as she added, “Will, from my estimation, you would have every advantage in such a duel, your reach would exceed his.”


“Such a loyal and devoted wife to sing my praises; shall we continue what was so rudely interrupted?” he queried.


“What about the Colonel?” she smiled, hoping that he would finished what they had started.


“The Colonel can wait.  I have a much more important matter to attend to at present.”  He lifted his head and began suckling her breasts as he had nothing further to say on the subject.


Elizabeth was quite pleased with his decision to put off dealing with Colonel Fitzwilliam, at least for the time being.



After being escorted into the Blue Salon, Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam could not help grinning at his good fortune of finally catching his cousin in such a compromising position, although it was with his wife.  He just did not think his cousin would have chanced to have even suggested such an activity to his wife in his study of all places.  He was reveling in the fodder for teasing his cousin this would provide. 


Thinking back on the scene he had just witnessed, he realized that he had an inappropriate response to the viewing of Cousin Elizabeth’s bountiful bosom and he might need to erase that evidence before his cousin appeared and ran him through for such licentious thoughts regarding his wife. 


The Colonel was, after all, a Fitzwilliam male and his response was natural given his heritage.  He was not a stranger to what he cousin was doing.  Being a second son and an officer in His Majesty’s Army, Richard Fitzwilliam, did not have an expectation of marrying and, therefore, was not going to deprive himself of the satisfaction that a woman could offer.  But he was the son of an Earl and discretion in those acts was called for so Richard Fitzwilliam had developed exclusive liaisons with several ladies, mainly widows, about town. The Colonel was quite fastidious about where he dipped his nub and did not want it to be in a common inkwell.


He had felt sorry for his cousin as he had known of Darcy’s promise of celibacy until marriage.  He watched his cousin struggle and would occasionally offer the services of one of his widows, after all it was family.  But he admired his cousin for his restraint and the fact he had only relied on masturbation to relieve those passions for the flesh that both men shared.  The Colonel, as a soldier, was no stranger to self satisfaction but he knew it was no substitute for the warmth of a woman.


Chuckling at the fact that his cousin seemed to making up for his celibacy, he was glad that Darcy had found a wife that would allow him to do so. The Colonel realized that he had been left waiting for almost twenty minutes.  Where is Darcy?  He should have been there by now. 


Thinking about how he had left Darcy, he realized what was keeping him and, well, he just could not help his reaction.


Just as he had comprehended the reason for his cousin’s tardiness and realizing that he was still aroused by it, it was not a minute later that the door opened and in strode Darcy with Mrs. Darcy on his arm. 


He bowed to Elizabeth and offered, “My apologies, Mrs. Darcy.”


Elizabeth smiled at him and said, “Apology accepted, Colonel Fitzwilliam.  Please call me Elizabeth or Lizzy.  We are now family.”


Elizabeth,” the Colonel nodded to her.  “If you will do me the honor of calling me Richard or Fitzwilliam as Darcy does.”


“Thank you,” Elizabeth said, “but I would prefer Richard or Colonel as Fitzwilliam would become confusing.”


“Ah! Yes, my cousin and his cumbersome moniker,” the Colonel replied.


“Fitzwilliam, I would not be criticizing a moniker that you also carry,” Darcy chimed in.


“Yes, but it is not my Christian name,” the Colonel retorted.


Darcy nodded his acceptance of the Colonel’s point.


“Colonel,” Elizabeth said, “Would you do us the honor of joining us for dinner tonight?  It will give us time to hear about Georgiana and you and my husband will have time to catch up since the last time you two were in company.”


“Mrs. Darcy…er…Elizabeth, it would be my pleasure.” the Colonel accepted.


“Yes, we will look forward to it.” Darcy said.


“I need inform cook and Mrs. Winters of our dinner guest so I will leave you to catch up on family business,” Elizabeth said and then made her way out of the room.


“Fitzwilliam, I ought to call you out…” Darcy glanced over his cousin’s body and denoted the rather large protrusion in his trousers where there should not be one, not when his wife had been present.  “And perhaps, I shall.”


“Darcy!” the Colonel exclaimed as he quickly lowered his hands to cover his unseemly bulge.


“While I am flattered by your appreciation of my wife’s…beauty, I feel that Elizabeth is the injured party in this and she has requested the weapons for our duel.”


Looking at Darcy, he stated incredulously, “You cannot mean to duel over something so innocent as an appreciation of your good fortune in your choice of wife.”


“Yes, I feel it is necessary to protect my wife’s sensibilities and that is why I have given my wife the choice a weapon.  Do not worry! She does not want us to spill blood but just to have the loser’s pride injured. She, although, has informed me that she believes me to have every advantage in such a contest.” Darcy challenged the Colonel.


Narrowing his eyes at Darcy, the Colonel responded, “Just what would that weapon be?”


Darcy with a stern expression but a twinkle in his eye, demanded, “Lower your beeches, Fitzwilliam.  We will see who the better swordsman is.”


The look of shock on the Colonel’s face was replaced with laughter as the meaning of the challenge was understood.  Darcy, you are the luckiest man in the world to have found such a wife.


“Well, cousin, you look quite satisfied,” the Colonel proclaimed.


“Yes, I have been very fortunate in my choice of wife,” was Darcy’s response.


A blush appeared on the Colonel’s face as the image of Elizabeth’s bare breasts flashed into his mind, “Yes, it appears you have.  Is that a regular occurrence?” The Colonel nodded toward the study.


Alerted that he might be interrogated as to the particulars of his marital felicity, Darcy gave a slight nod.  He and Richard had always been quite close and as they shared the Fitzwilliam gene for lusty conduct, their conversations had always been quite frank about the baser aspects of human behavior.  While he wanted to brag to his cousin, now that he was married, Darcy was not sure that Elizabeth would appreciate him discussing the finer points of their marriage.


Raising an eyebrow, the Colonel inquired, “How regular?”


Embarrassed but wanting to gloat a bit, Darcy replied, “Once or twice a day.”  Nervous that he might have revealed too much, he just could not keep his mouth shut, “But only in the study or Elizabeth’s office, sometimes in the library.  We try not to engage ourselves in the more public rooms of the house.”  Darcy realized he had definitely said too much.


The Colonel smirked, “Then your bed chamber is not privy to such licentious actions?”


Darcy glared at him, angry that he had let his cousin goad him.


Richard continued his inquisition, “I see that your celibacy is no longer an issue but I am curious to learn how your libido is handling this change.  Just how often in a day do you enjoy having marital relations with your wife?”


Darcy just stared at the floor.  He did want to reveal any more about his private affairs to his cousin.


“Well, you have admitted to once or twice a day outside your bed chamber, so all total is it three or four times?” The Colonel was enjoying needling his cousin.


Darcy drew his lips tight, determined not to let any words escape him.  However, he could not help the slight shake of his head.


“More?” Richard raised his eyebrows.


The imperceptible nod from Darcy caused the Richard’s eyebrows to rise further.  “I am all astonishment.  How do you get your wife to agree to such an unprecedented amount?  I can well understand your need but…”


Darcy interrupted in hopes of defending his actions, “Elizabeth initiates a lot of…”


“A lot of what?” Elizabeth queried as she had re-entered the drawing room.


Both men froze and their faces went ashen.


Looking from Richard to her husband, she repeated her question, “Of what do I initiate?”


The men were speechless.  It was one thing for them to talk about their sexual exploits among themselves but never would they discuss such a topic with a lady.


Elizabeth went to stand by her husband.  Linking her arm in his, she looked at him questioningly.


His flushed face revealed his embarrassment as he looked into her eyes.  But being such an honorable gentleman, he knew her question demanded a response so he lowered his gaze to her bosom.


Realizing the general gist of their previous conversation, her mouth formed a perfect O.


The Colonel’s embarrassment was just as acute as theirs as he had prodded his cousin into such in inappropriate admission.  Deciding it might be best to leave, he announced, “If you will excuse me, I have another matter to see to.”


Elizabeth’s eyes went immediately to his crotch and she discerned what that matter might be.  However, he was not going to get off that lightly and neither was her husband.  Insuring that the Colonel would return after attending to his other ‘matter’, she stated, “Well, if you must leave, so be it.  But we expect you back here at seven for dinner.  You cannot disappoint us or our cook, now can you, Richard?”


Darcy and Richard looked at each other hoping the other had a way out of this situation and finding that there was no way to avoid dinner, the Colonel said, “I will return at seven and will look forward to spending time with my favorite cousins.”


Elizabeth smiled sweetly at him and said “Well, do not let us keep you; we want you back as soon as you can.”


“No need to see me out.”  He grinned sheepishly at Darcy. “I am sure you have more pressing matters to attend to while I am gone.” He winked at Darcy.


“Fitzwilliam?” Darcy stayed his cousin departure.


“Yes?” The Colonel turned back to the couple.


“I will see to it that the house is better secured, especially the study,” Darcy warned.


“No need for that, cousin, as it would do no good,” was the Colonel’s response.


Darcy scowled at Fitzwilliam, “And why is that?”


The Colonel gave them a big grin and imparted. “I am a soldier trained in covert operations.  No place is impenetrable for a man of my experience.”


Darcy laughed, “Goodbye, Fitzwilliam.”


“Darcy.” The Colonel nodded to his cousin and then bowing to Elizabeth, “Until this evening, Elizabeth.”  Receiving a smile from both his cousins, he departed.


Little did each man know that Elizabeth had devised her own punishment for their imprudent discussion about her marital felicity!  She still had an audacious gown that her mother had purchased as part of her trousseau and she planned to wear it tonight.  And did her husband not always praise her on having mastered the art of polite conversation?  Yes, after dinner those two will think again about speaking about her in such bawdy terms.  She hoped that the Colonel had his lady friend on retainer as she expected him to make a return visit to her after dinner.  And as for her husband, she would welcome his attentions but only after watching him squirm a bit.  As she anticipated an early evening tonight, she knew he would not suffer too grievously.



As he left the Darcy’s townhouse, Richard had a desperate need for female companionship.  Reaching the end of the block, he hailed a hackney cab.


“To the Fox and Cock on ________ Street,” Colonel Fitzwilliam ordered.


He had several hours before he was due to return for dinner.  He hoped that Belle would have an hour or two to spend with an old soldier.  He had the urge to spend some time with a big, bountiful bosom before he had to deal with the Darcys again.


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