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Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy sat in their respective dressing rooms mourning their recent separation.  They had been always together within sight and sound of the other from the time of their wedding eleven days ago.   This literal and figurative cohabitation caused them to fear that withdrawal from one another would be quite a hardship.  The sad looks on their faces as they went about their toilette was evidence of how truly difficult it was for them to adjust.  They had achieved a bond during the past eleven days, a bond so strong that each was made to feel incomplete without the other near.


For most newly married couples of the Darcy’s era, the initial days of their marriage were expected to be spent in a similar manner as their courtship.  Yes, there would be one difference -- the consummation of their vows but that was stressed only for procreation purposes and not for pleasure.  Therefore those goings-on were not to be entered into until late in the evening where the dark of the night would hide any evidence of what they were doing.  But certain events on the Darcy’s wedding night caused our couple to forget those expectations of a proper lady and gentleman and traverse a path quite different.


If they had anticipated spending hours in the parlor talking and getting to know one another better, what difference did it make that they chose to lie languidly in bed after lovemaking to talk about their past lives, their families, their secrets and desires, and their plans for the future.  They still talked and more intimately and honestly than if they were in the parlor. 


If they expected to partake in long leisurely dinners discussing the events of the day, the meals they did share were for gathering energy and the strength needed for their next physical encounter.  But their discussion of the events of their day did focus on their main activity -- sexual intercourse.  For what else would they be doing, secluded away in their chambers wearing nothing more than a smile and a look of satisfaction.


If Mr. Darcy had planned on admiring his beautiful wife in the music room while she played the pianoforte and sang to him, he was willing to forego that in lieu of admiring his bride’s breast swelling and heaving as she sang to him her moans and gasps of the pleasure that she received as he pounded wildly into her.  Those sounds of gratification were more endearing to him than the sweetest aria.


 If they had thought to receive some exercise by taking long walks in the park or strolling the streets shopping, the reality was they stood by the window observing the falling snow until lust overtook them so rapidly that Mr. Darcy hoisted Mrs. Darcy up and plunged her onto him as he began thrusting into her repeatedly making such walks superfluous.  Such activity seemed to suffice for exercise as they were both so exhausted afterward that they could hardly stand.  They found that sexual activity got their hearts to racing and kept their energy level high.


So while their realities did not match their original expectations of a newly married couple, they did not regret any of their time spent together for a moment, achieving the main purpose of each event in a more thorough manner than if they had chosen the more traditional approach.  In fact they built a bond and an intimacy between them that was stronger than most couples achieve after many years of marriage.


One may wonder what caused these two to take such an untraditional path for such a newly married couple of their day and time and of their station and wealth.  Well, Fate likes to arrange things to make life more interesting and so Fate thought to have a bit of fun with the newlyweds.


Unbeknownst to the loving twosome, they both had lying dormant within them a very passionate nature and a sexual being just itching to be awakened.  Combine that with two people very much in love, newly married, and somewhat naïve and innocent in the ways of carnal lust. 


Fitzwilliam Darcy was a man of the world and though he had a sexual encounter with a woman more than ten years ago, he was a bit rusty.  The former Miss Elizabeth Bennet was a healthy country girl but also an innocent maid who had an insatiable curiosity.  Add to this, days of inclement weather and, do not forget the wedding night, it is not hard to understand why they took the path they did.


An event early in their wedding night was the catalyst of how the newlyweds chose to live their lives.  After six hours alone in the carriage that conveyed them from their wedding breakfast at Mrs. Darcy’s former home in Hertfordshire to Mr. Darcy’s London townhouse, the sexual tension between the couple had built to an alarming level.  By the time they had finished four courses of a six course dinner that had been prepared to welcome them home, they were ready to retire for the evening.  Once upstairs they went to their separate chambers to prepare for the night ahead.  Mr. Darcy found his anticipation for the coming events had left his body in an extremely excited state.  He speedily dismissed his valet upon entering his dressing room and then shed his clothes.  It is a truth not so universally acknowledged that Mr. Darcy loved to be naked.  Now with his wife in such close proximity, he felt that this would be his last few minutes to enjoy that luxury.


Upon entering his bed chamber, he realized that his ardor was such that he needed to relieve himself lest he frightened his bride with it.  While urgently stroking himself to find a release, he was shocked to find his bride standing before him. 


It seems that Elizabeth was also in anticipation of their night together.  Hers was more of nervousness, however, and she just wanted to get on with it, thus precipitating her early arrival into his chambers.  After the shock and mortification waned, Elizabeth viewed her husband’s body with a sense of awe and trepidation.  Her awe came from the virile strength and power that came in viewing such a beautiful example of the male physique.  He was broad of shoulders, his wide chest tapered down to a slim waist and his narrow hips emphasized his round, firm buttocks, and, not to mention, his long legs.  Her trepidation came from viewing his manly parts.  Mr. Darcy was … well…he was…he was one most generously endowed man.  In fact, the image of the male horses on the farm flashed through Elizabeth’s impressionable mind at her first viewing of her husband’s appendage.  As mentioned before, Darcy and Elizabeth were somewhat naïve and innocent and had no basis for comparison, so both were quite unaware of just how impressive his manly member was.


Darcy, on the other hand, decided that since everything of his was out in the open and on display he wanted to see his wife’s body in its natural state.  He explained what he enjoyed about being nude and how having them both in that state would be advantageous in developing their relationship.  For such a taciturn man, Darcy presented his case very deftly.


Elizabeth saw the logic of his arguments but, as a modest maiden, she was a little reluctant to bare herself in such a way.   That is, until she realized that her proper and reserved husband appeared quite comfortable in his skin, pardon the pun.  Seeing that he was not hiding anything from her, she resolved to reciprocate the sentiment. Removing her dressing gown and night shift, she stood before him revealing herself in all her glory.


Darcy praised heaven above for delivering to him such a beautiful wife.  She was exquisite in every way.  She had large, full breasts tipped with rosy pink nipples jutting forth into tight hard buds.  He wondered if those buds where induced from a slight chill in the air or from arousal.  He was desperately hoping for the latter.  After tearing his stare away from her quite extraordinary bosom, his eyes traveled down her body to her slim waist and her hips that widened just below it.  Her buttocks were firm and rounded in a most pleasing manner.  Her hourglass figure was perfect for birthing babies and he was definitely showing signs of being extremely willing to participate in their conception. 


Despite Elizabeth’s apprehension at the size of Darcy’s manly parts, she should not have worried.  For Elizabeth was built to bear children and could accommodate large objects traversing the canal of her inner core.  That was fortunate for her as Darcy might have injured a woman less full-bodied.  And after their first union, they found that they were very well matched.


Once everything settled down, they made their way to the bed to consummate their marriage vows.  Darcy patiently coached Elizabeth through her first sexual experience and was rewarded by his efforts by her requesting it be repeated again and again and again.  By the following morning their passions had been fully awakened with an uncontrollable intensity.  Elizabeth’s concerns about Darcy’s size were put to rest as she found that he fit quite nicely, quite nicely indeed.  It fit like a hand in a glove and she quite relished the knowledge that he could try it on again and again and again for the rest of their lives.  Her hope was that he would avail himself of her inner sheath as often as possible.


Quickly becoming attuned in mind and body as well as the added stimulation of the other’s naked body before them, the couple was in an almost constant state of arousal.  Their couplings were mostly of a fast and frenzied nature where they reached completion usually within ten minutes.  After such a fiery display, they would remain joined and used the sensuous kisses, loving caresses, and tender endearments to calm and soothe their recovery.  But there were also the times on a lazy afternoon or before they went to sleep at night where they would spend well more than an hour making slow and languid love to each other. 


The fact that a snow storm raged outside for several days, and there was nothing to do and nowhere to go, allowed them to remain warm and snug in their bed feeding those newly found passions. 


They found that Darcy’s large copper bathing tub allowed both of them to bathe together comfortably.    Darcy loved to wash Elizabeth’s hair and then spend time afterwards brushing it out.  He definitely found rubbing lotion on her body a favorite task. 


Elizabeth found the buoyancy of the warm water very relaxing as she washed her husband’s hair and body, paying particular care and diligence to some areas of his body that held her interest.  Later she even learned to shave him and after a few nicks, she became quite the proficient.


So with their bathing needs attended to, meals delivered on a regular basis, their rooms cleaned daily (as they alternated between their two bed chambers), there was no reason to leave their idyllic existence.  That is until two days ago when the sun came out and warmed the earth and began melting the snow and ice.  They went to bed that night praying for the snow to return.  On the next morning, however, the sun returned in the bright blue sky and they began to realize that their honeymoon might be over.  So again that night they prayed for snow.  Their disappointment was complete when they arose to find the sun brilliantly shining.  Reluctantly and with pouting faces they separated to prepare themselves to face the outside world which meant putting clothes on bodies that had been without such adornment since the wedding night. 


Emerging from their respective chambers at the same time, they startled at almost not recognizing the other clothed.  After giving a sad smile to the other, they soon donned grim expressions as they marched on to assume their duties for the day.



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